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Jordan, in your analysis page you have the colors that people are but not what the colors mean. would you mind telling us what they mean. Sorry if I used the wrong word for mean, I don't know how to spell.

-- Ethan Ranger Taylor (, November 06, 1999


hey, the colors thing is from a book i read recently. i am really not sure why i put that on my page, probably just to incite e-mails like this one. i'm thinking about taking it off. since i'm getting tired of writing out what the colors mean, and also tired of saying, "just go read the book", here's a link: -1/102-3468009-6906448

i hope this works. i'm working on writing out what the colors mean and sending it to everyone when they ask. if i had put that on my page, i would be afraid of copyright infri

-- Jordan (, November 06, 1999.

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