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......yep, the "good ole reliable source", this from a major collectable coin dealer. Biz is running (on collectables, not bullion), approximately 2,333% over same time frame of last year. Yes, these numbers are accurate in volume of trade. The worth of the collectables not near as high expressed in percentages, but up greatly. also from same d00d, a lot of very highly placed fatcats (as in gomers you see on the tube) are going into the collectables, because of fear of another FDR deal outlawing bullion to be held by private citizens. they are taking greenskins and collectables by the bucketful and stashing them in private safes and whatnot. that's it, maybe some of the more financially astute members here can confirm or deny this sort of activity. If true, what this means to me is that the "little people" are the ones going to be left holding the bag in the form of almost worthless I.O.U.'s/scrip. Me, my loot is in "commodoties" hehehehehe rice, beans, can foods, ammo, fuel, blah blah blah, got about zip cashola, every check gets converted to real "stuff". zog the stockpiler

-- zog (, November 06, 1999


Hey ZOG! How's it going out there in the boonies? I'm afraid I can't worry too much about FDR . . . can't eat coins, but it always feels good to have a little change in your pocket (or your boot soles). Sounds like dealer is running the "disposable income" bunch.

-- Magnolia (, November 06, 1999.

Next year you will be referred to as "Zog the embarrased", "Zog the Pathetic" or perhaps "Zog the pathetic Doomer with lots of beans". We''ll just call you "Loser..."

-- Y2K Pro (, November 06, 1999.

Hi Zog! Cool to see your last couple of posts here.

Pay no attention to the littleman behind the curtain.

One question for all: When FDR seized the gold, did he also seize personal jewelry, and did he also seize metals from jewellers? You know, anyone with a torch, an ingot mold and a hammer and anvil could convert metal from one shape to another........

-- (formerly known as nobody@nowhere.nit), November 06, 1999.

You should know, Y2K Pro, since we ALREADY call YOU all of those names and THEN some. You pathetic piece of crap.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), November 06, 1999.

There you go again Pro....adding substance and value to a post. Gonna have to watch it or you'll be up for the "Valid Man-of-the- Year" award. ;-)

Your friend,


-- Cary Mc from Tx (, November 06, 1999.

...hello friends! yes, nice in boonies! traffic jams consisist of two d00ds in pickup trucks at intersection yakkin at each other! hahahahaha --y2kpro--funny name, as y2k hasn't happened yet, so no one has experienced it, so how can anyone be a pro????h-m-m-m-m-m anywho, I'm a long time survivalist from the 60's(cuban missile crisis era) and beyond, I just recognize y2k as a potential biggee, and it's fortunate that we have had such a long lead time. I have always been somewhat prepared, for most things, just this "thing" has the potential--I said potential-to be really bad. like i said, absolutely nothing happens, it's a big yawner, no big deal, it got me off my butt and back into rural living, and all the stuff-extra-that i bought is quite usable by me. win/win pollys who don't prepare are betting their lives that they are right. this is like playing russian roulette with a double barrelled shotgun, you got a 50/50 chance of being dead, dead, dead if you are wrong. Gee, what a cool and responsible attitude to take, especially if you have family and children depending on you............... If I am wrong, won't even be embarrased one little bit, nope, survivalism is a life long lifestyle, good for a lot more than y2k..... zog the preparer oh ya, p.s. my original post was just a story I related, i own zero collectable coins or bullion myself. I like "stuff". think i still got some jars of poker change kicking around, that's it for my monetary speculation.....hehehehehehehehe

-- zog (, November 06, 1999.

Y2k pro-

Why the personal attack on Zog? I thought you pollies never stooped as low as us "duumers". Just wondering.

Cav the hoarder.

-- cavscout (why@so.insecure?), November 06, 1999.

I was in one of the few places in Atlanta were one can buy gold bullion and coins. At least as far as I could find out from the phone book. World Numismatics Inc. I like to buy a 1/10oz G.E. about every week so as to not spend the money on something stupid. One Friday as I was waiting to make a purchase a young man, I would guess about the age of 25 was buying gold coins. He didn't want any U.S. coins minted after 1933. None of that new stuff like I always buy. He was only buying the most common and worn pre 1933 pieces and old foreign gold coins. Knowing what he was doing I ask him why he didn't just buy the newer gold Eagles since they go for spot plus a small markup. He said that since the coins he bought were pre 1933 U.S. and foreign, the government could not take them from him if they tried to seize gold again. And that they could on the newer minted Eagles. I then ask him "but what if they change the rules? He looked at me like he had just seen a ghost. And I would like to know if what he said was true. Could the government pull another F.D.R. and seize newly minted gold coins and not pre 1933? And by the way his total purchase was over $6,000. And he paid for it in cash. I having dealt with the owner quite a few times ask him if this was a common occurence. He said, oh yeah everyday.

-- tj (, November 06, 1999.

and maybe you'll be y2k pro the hungry and unemployed?

-- tt (, November 06, 1999.

OT, but...,

Zog, mi amigo. It seems you have moved out from Hotlanta to more livable environs since we last crossed posts. Can I ask where perchance you've flown the coop to? Nothing too specific of course!

You never know when it might become time for some folks to start seriously thinking about migrating. May be a lot of folks moving in the years following the worst of Y2K. Kinda like how all the folks on my Dad's side of the family spread out from NC to TX and OK during the post-Civil War Reconstruction.


-- Wildweasel (, November 06, 1999.

Hey y2k Pro, are you really he? In the service.before we left for the weekend pass our sgt. always said "when you go use a Pro!" Is pollyism a result of brain damage due to unprotected sexual activity? Inquiring minds want to know? where can we get a box of y2k Pro's?

-- ole inanoutie (protectedbylatex@pro', November 06, 1999.

tt If your comment was directed at me I must assure you that I am not like Y2K Pro. Worthless things to me are things that may not insure my survival after Y2K. I (like no one else on this planet) knows EXACTLY what is going to happen. But I can assure you that even though I may be un-employed after Y2K, I certainly will not be hungry. I am probably more preped out than zog. Everything I have will be used, breakdown or not. And as far as the gold I own, I can't see any reason why it will not again become the monetary standard it has been for thousands of years. Even though this may be years down the road since you can't eat it, drink it, nor does it keep you warm on a cold winter night.I also have about zip cashola. That is government backed currency made of paper that you can't even wipe your you know what with because of it's lack of absorbancy. As far as collectibles such as pottery, art glass, furniture etc. I auctioned all my collection off on e-bay months ago, along with selling it to all the antique dealers I know who still don't realize what even a 1 or 2 on the impact scale can do to the price of collectables. Let em buy their Newcomb, Teco, and Grueby pottery. They make excellent drinking vessels. Let em buy their Roycrofters, and Sticklys furniture. Seasoned oak burns real well. I have caught so much flak from the pollie Antique dealers about selling off collectibles because of Y2K fears you would not believe it. I'm not a pollie nor a doomer. I fall into the middle of the road category. I'm ready, collapse or not. Those who aren't I feel are stupid. Never bet everything on the flip of a coin. It's always 50-50

-- tj (, November 06, 1999.

Zog...keep up the good work. You're prepared to be wrong on Y2k. Are your detractors?

TJ....I think you gave that youngin' in the coin shop some terrific advice! What _indeed_ if they change the rules? I'm puzzled as to why the bullion shops are silence on this issue. Lot's of internet buillion dealers, too. Better yet, why not push the 1oz gold ingots (made in Canada or US) that are sold for an even smaller premium than even the Gold Eagle ... or the Kruggerand? I guess the premiums aren't as big as some of those pre-1933 deals. Caveat emptor and all that.

I did have mixed feelings when I went on one site and saw that they were advising their customers that they expect premiums on gold coins to DROP considerably after January 1st, so wait if you can.

We'll see who's right.....

-- Lara (, November 06, 1999.

Y2K PRO: I will make an exception to not insulting another poster on these boards, because I'm fed up with your constant mindless interjections that only prove your low intelligence level.

How is it that natural selection has not weeded you out before now? Are you the result of a "Dolly" cloning gone seriously awry?

BTW, it's not too late for you to contribute to humanity by performing a deed of monumental stupidity that would allow us to nominate you for the 1999 Darwin Award.

Think hard. It will take all your brain cells firing together to come up with something to beat out the "Mach One Moron" winner of a few years back.

-- profit of doom (, November 06, 1999.

It's my understanding that the government under FDR never actually siezed gold from private citizens. Rather, they offered to buy it from you at a set price, then made it illegal for you to sell it to anyone else, for any price. Most gold owners refused, & simply held onto what they had until the restriction was lifted. I suppose you could try smuggling it into Canada or overseas... you get the idea.

I believe that the Gold Eagle site has a short history on the subject.

-- stay (outta@my.wallet), November 06, 1999.

WW--howdy to you! moved into mountains north of last abode in hotlanta. think i got a perfect spot and gig here, taking all levels of a crash scenario, with the exception of all out nuke exchange. fairly nice here. ---gold--yes, i think gold and silver are good to stockpile, I just ain't got the clams to both stock durable goods AND gold and silver, so that's that. girlfriend has some gold and silver athletic medals if it gets that dire. Have stockpiled lead and brass, tho....... --I agree on dumping the antiques and obscure collectables, seems silly to me to keep any of that stuff if you are short on the necessities --and my thanks for the folks who supported me from that ridiculous attack by the alledged "pro"--it was childish and churlish at best, and agent provocateur possibly at it's worst. darwin awards 2000

-- zog (, November 07, 1999.

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