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I just bought a dreamcast from america and i was wondering does the dreamcast play vcd's or do i need a special adapter like the playstation if u could help me out i would be very thanxfull

Thanx's Maurice

-- Maurice (pshanahan@optusnet.com.au), November 06, 1999


The Dreamcast does not support VCDs in the U.S. There will be no adapter for it either. An adapter for DVD only playback may become available but probably not in the U.S. or Europe just Japan.

-- The Lone Ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), November 06, 1999.

Don't count on a DVD card. The DC uses a GD-ROM drive, not a DVD-ROM drive. GD-ROM is more like CD-ROM than DVD-ROM.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (cyberlien51@juno.com), November 11, 1999.

The planned DVD adapter for the Dreamcast will include a seperate DVD- drive for DVD movie playback. It is designed to compete with the Playstation 2. Unfortunately neither the PSX2 or Dreamcast are slated to support Video CD. The PSX2 will have a single laser optimized for DVD playback with no MPEG1 decoder. The Dreamcast will also have this design for its DVD add-on but the Dreamcast DVD-Rom is not slated to be released in the U.S. and Europe with DVD movie playback(due to region coding which Sega USA/Europe does not want to mess with). This is pretty dumb if Sony will play movies on their DVD unit but Dreamcast's add-on won't. We will have to see what happens next year.

-- The Lone ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), November 12, 1999.

Forget about the DVD addon guyz, its been scrapped as it was too expensive. As for the DVDs, all you need is the boot disk (try www.gibsoft.com) and a NORMAL VCD -- and it will work. VCDs will also play on the PSX and Sega Saturn, even the N64 (with an add on)!

-- Richard Gilbert (nova.jump@virgin.net), July 02, 2001.

All u need to do, is to go to www.dccopyworld.com , then look down the side, find VCDPATCH under patches, then download that. Now read the instructions, All u have to do is apply some files when copying a VCD, All u have to do is this and u r Away, Email me for any FAQs of ???s Deano

-- Dean Tranior (thetraindogg@aol.com), September 09, 2001.

Well, the Dreamcast will play VCDs, but why bother? Sega gave up on the system (as they always do), because Playstation and Nintendo, once again, kicked their ass. 32x, Saturn....the same story. That's why I've never purchased anything from Sega.

-- hakkimitsu hakurah (hakkimitsu.hakurah@sony.com), January 06, 2002.

don't ask me about that dc vcd player. buy the new good one on ebay. just search: dc vcd, not dreamcast vcd, and don't get the cheap one's under $5.00. Get the one that has a remote and controller port dongle.

-- Derek Pascarella (ateamsk8er101@aol.com), January 13, 2002.

Does the DreamMovie MP3/VCD Player with remote play VCDs PERFECTLY (speed, audio, video, etc.)?

Also... Can it play XVCD (Extended Video CD), SVCD (Super Video CD), XSVCD (Extended Super Video CD), etc.

-- Neko Techno (NekoTechno@yahoo.de), January 13, 2002.

You can find the Dreammovie VCD Player for Dreamcast at National Console Support (http://www.ncsx.com/) for about $30 USD. It comes with a boot disc on CD-R, an IR dongle for a controller port and a remote control. Movies cannot be played using a regular Dreamcast controller and the IR remote dongle also functions as a "key" for the operation of this VCD player. It offers minimal Playback Control (PBC) functions, but does not seem to navigate between chapters within a particular video segment. The remote does not have a numerical keypad for choosing chapters. There are functions accessed via an on-screen menu. You can use these to adjust volume, for panning of audio, to switch from one stereo channel to the other, to mute audio, adjust contrast and brightness, to change screen size and position and whatnot. I have found that Dreammovie is a very good VCD player. It will play both PAL (352x288 pixels) and NTSC (352x240 pixels) standard VCD formats. It will also play XVCDs at up to 352x480 pixels, though I have not yet tested any higher than that. It will play audio at the standard 224 kilobit per second rate, but I usually use 112 kb/s for the video I encode to CD-R. This is strictly an MPEG-1 player though, so it will ~*NOT*~ play any form of SVCD or MPEG-2 video. If you are interested in playing AVI or DivX files on your Dreamcast, stop by the DCDivX (http://www.dcdivx.com) website.


Akai Rounin

-- Akai Rounin (akairounin@hotmail.com), August 01, 2002.

Everyone, please, stop emailing me asking for the DC VCD player!

I have the Xing Hong VCD player, but it is hardly worth a download if you plan to use it as your only VCD player.

If you are still interested in downloading it, then click below.



[If the link doesnt work by the date of 11/11/02, then I will repost it.]

-- derek (ateam@dfsdafksda.net), November 10, 2002.

Dreamcast does play VCD's using the Xing Hong thingy disc which I have but the sound runs faster then the picture. It also goes all macro blocky when something fast happens on screen. Get the Dream VCD player from liksang instead. It is supposed to be a lot better!

-- Wally T (robert@hulabaloo.freeserve.co.uk), January 11, 2003.

for all your answers just get a parks.Parks is about the best download you can get.It contains every mame rom plus all the icons,screenshots ect and how to watch vcds on dc plus all copied dc games and anything else to do wth software problems for any game n any formate.Download a Parsk.

-- nev knight (nevmush@hotmail.com), February 06, 2003.

you can download the gyplay all you have to do is burn it onto a cd along with the cd remember dreamcast will only play mpeg1

-- frere kang (Adil111s@yahoo.com), March 29, 2003.

I recomend GypPlay a lot You can download GypPlay here http://www.megagames.com/dc/dc_utils.shtml and here http://www.boob.co.uk

Hey and i have good news about GypPlay, is... "How to swamp any CD-R in mode2 and mode1 with GypPlay"

By: Port7@GameBox.net

This is the way for mode2 ...

1) I put my GameShark v.3.3 in my Dreamcast. 2) The GameShark finaly load. 3) Then i take out the GameShark CD and put my selfboot GypPlay. 4) In the GameShark main Screen i press "Start Games Without Codes" 5) My Selfboot GypPlay 2.0 finaly Load 6) I start one video inside the GypPlay CD and when the video was playing, i press the "X" buttom to abort the video inside the GypPlay CD. 7) I return to the GypPlay main screen and open the Dreamcast CD door and take out the GypPlay CD and then i put a MODE2 CD-R with movies inside and without having GypPlay on it. Thats all just pick the video and play it.

For mode1 Is the same thing, just put the GameShark CD - "Start Games Without Codes" - Put your UTOPIA Boot CD - Put your non-selfboot GypPlay - Play a movie inside GypPlay - abort the movie with "X" bottom - and start swamping Mode1 CD-R with your videos inside.

-- Jose Garcia (Port7@GameBox.net), April 03, 2003.

This are the following formats that GypPlay 2.0 Supports .mpeg .mpg .avi .dat .m1v (No suond) .sfd (No sound) .asf No DIVX, Only MPEG-1 And one more thing GypPlay do not read real VCD disc Mode2/XA. VCD is a strange Mode2/XA. Im not really sure. about. i will try that.

-- Jose Garcia (Port7@GameBox.net), April 03, 2003.

All regard from Ekaterinburg, Russia. Beside me such question: possible in principle "new" video-computer formats of films (different mpeg1-2-3-4, avi...)to use and watching on Dream Caste? If yes, how programs are identified, which this allow to do, and where their possible load? Excuses my bad english... If who knows, prompt please on my E-mail.... Thanks...

-- garyhama (garyhama@mail.ru), October 13, 2003.

All i want to ask is what is the most decent vcd player out there right now that i can download that i won't get the out of sync audio and slow frame rates and if there isn't any yes i know about the one a liksang so i don't need about that one

-- Eric (eric_frendo_cumbo1@hotmail.com), November 20, 2003.

soz this is not a answer but it is a question how do i get vcds to play on my playstation2

-- law (gohanlaw@hotmail.com), December 19, 2003.

Yes you can play vcds on dreamcast just check this link out and it will answer all your questions. Also it requires to mods to your system

-- Eric (ericsafdie@yahoo.com), March 27, 2004.

Yes you can play vcds on dreamcast just check this link out and it will answer all your questions. Also it requires to mods to your system http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=124&products_id=1175&

-- Eric (ericsafdie@yahoo.com), March 27, 2004.

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