which e-mail hosting services are most likely to work after y2k

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which web hosting services and telecommunication companies are most likely to work after 12/31/99?

-- Sky Clark (clark@charm.net), November 05, 1999


The internet will spin down as the bandwidth is comsumed by packet re- transmissions. The internet will attempt to workaround all the dead routers caused by lack of power. As the actual hardwire links reach saturation, traffic will be flushed onto the remaining links, further compounding the problem. The max. value that you can set into the TTL is 255. That's two hundred and fifty five router hops max. After that the message packet is discarded. In short the internet is soon to become one big huge garbage dump. There is no solution to this.

-- Art Soukup (asoukup@mscomputers.net), November 06, 1999.

Ever try carrier pidgeons?


-- Y2Kook (Y2Kook@usa.net), November 06, 1999.

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