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Let the party begin! Invest $5,000 or more in our new 12 month Certificate of Deposit and earn a 2000% interest rate on New Year's Day. Every other day of the year, you'll earn interest at the rate of .75%. The combined annual percentage yield is 6.23%. Plus, when you purchase your CD 2000, you'll receive a limited edition decorative gift celebrating the dawn of a new millennium. Visit one of our United Bank offices to open yours today!*

*Rates are effective as of November 5, 1999 and are subject to change. Withdrawals prior to maturity will result in loss of interest earned. .

-- Dian (, November 05, 1999


Have I got that right--2000.00 percent? What bank is this?

-- Lars (, November 05, 1999.

ROFLMAO. At first I thought this was a joke. LOL - Those Georgia banks certainly are creative. You gonna get that CD 2000 of theirs?

-- Cheryl (, November 05, 1999.


United Bank is in Georgia and has 10 offices and 14 ATMs. Here's a map that shows all of their offices and ATM's:

I really thought this was a joke, but cross-checked on to find out addresses and phone numbers to make sure such a bank existed. Sure enough ... it's real. LOL - How obvious.

It's a shame. There are probably many banks who've really worked hard on this Y2K deal, and think everything is AOK. Some might be. Some might not. But, when push comes to shove ... they're just one part of the whole picture. Everything is so d*mn interconnected.

I have to give United Bank an A+ for creativity and effort.

I dunno. This might actually back-fire on them. Who knows? This CD 2000 sure draws attention to Jan 1, doesn't it? I wonder how many people are going to be as astute as Dian, and understand what's going on?

-- Cheryl (, November 05, 1999.

What happens if you croak on Jan 2, 2000? ... LOL!

-- John (, November 06, 1999.

FOF info here. Friend's wife is therapist. Did a stress reduction group recently for VP's at a very large regional bank. Reason for the group therapy? Bank VP's were stressed out about the computer fixes for Y2K. They couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if the remediation didn't work. How would they respond. Group leader played devil's advocate and asked them to visualize what it would be like,,, then think what they would do. Closing the doors for the day was suggested as a strategy for dealing with the angry customers. That seemed to calm them down a great deal. I wish this weren't a true story, but it is. BTW, this occurred approx. one week ago.

ATM's and credit lines are down in my area right now. Back to good old cash, pen and paper.

-- Johnny Cash (, November 06, 1999.

Johnny, a friend of mine is a therapist (is that FOM instead of FOF?), too. She was facilitating a stress management group for the remediation workers of a utility company. I heard this almost a year ago. I wonder if the APA's DSM-V will include a new diagnosis for this?

-- (, November 06, 1999.

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