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Please share with us your experiences in getting to Hawaii - plane reservations, costs, airline, etc

-- Beth Hinnen (, November 05, 1999


Looking for a cheap airfare?!! I recently got two notes from Preview Travel telling me the RT airfare to Honolulu was less than $700! The first was a RT from Newark to Honolulu for $695; the other from JFK to Honolulu for $574. The latter is Northwest Airlines, someone said. If you have any questions, or answers, to airfares to Hawaii, please post them h

-- Beth Hinnen (, November 08, 1999.

I called American Airlines to see what they had to offer in way of Hawaii vacations (on the big island, not too far, 15 - 20 minutes by car, from where Beth is getting married) at the same time of Beth's wedding - they do have some good deals - but I am sure that other airlines have the same kind of deals.

For example: mother and I can have seven nights (eight days, I guess) at a moderately priced, but very nice hotel (three star - we stayed there years ago when I was there for a business trip) - plus a compact rental car - and the airfare - for $798 each (this is from Los Angeles, we would have to pay xtra from Phx to LA). It may be less if we did not stay the 7 nights. Many of the hotels will give you a free night if you stay four nights. On the other hand, we would plan to move, for two nights, to where Beth is staying - obiviously, this would increase our cost.

Another example: for six persons to make reservations together with AA, they would get a better deal - in this example, rooms are upgraded to a two bedroom condo (four star compared to the three star hotel) that would sleep six people (one couple would have to sleep on queen size couch in the parlor - I am not sure this is a good idea) and the compact car is upgraded to a mini-van - the condo and van are for 5 nights and 5 days - the cost of this package is about $900 per person and includes airfare - the problem with this example is that from Denver and Austin, you would have to fly thru Dallas - probably not a good deal for the Denverites. The 2 bedroom condo has a king bed in one room, a queen in another, and queen sofabed in the parlor. Rollaways are available, I think, for $10 a night.

I know this is early, too early to think about it - but there are limited number of two bedroom condos at this particular condo. It may be better to make your own reservations - it may be better to have two compact cars instead on one van - it may be better for two groups make reservations - at this point, I am not sure of anything. The question is, have you given much thought to what you would like to do?

Don't feel that you have to fly with AA - it would probably be best for the Denverites to fly with someone like United - if you do, look at what they have in vacation packages.

I would be interested in your

-- Don Hinnen (, November 17, 1999.

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