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Strange, does this sound like pre-Nazi Germany?


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Posted by ( Doc Paulie on November 05, 1999 at 05:09:06:

Taking names is a good idea: builders of internment camps beware!


Why are Polly addresses mostly fake?


Paulie, have you talked to your friend cpr about the various comprehensive people files he's keeping offshore and in other "secure" places? You know, the ones he's been trying to intimidate TB2000 posters with.

-- pot (, November 05, 1999


Paulie, et al are parasites, scum, virus and bacteria.

After the rollover, if the results are catastrophic, the first strong wind that comes along will simply blow them away.

-- snooze button (, November 05, 1999.

Speakings of which, let me refer you to David Irving's website, where you cana get free Adobe Acrobat downloads of his latest works of history -- including Nuremberg: The Last Battle, and his recent biography of Goebbels. Fascinatin' reading. Search David Irving, or try

-- SH (, November 05, 1999.

Aw, pot, don't be so suspicious of CHARLIE REUBEN -- A WORLD-CLASS REAL ESTATE SALESMAN! He's just collecting a "prospect" list so he can sell you some property later -- since it's patently obvious that anything having to do with them thar "confusers" is WAY past his area of expertise! IT'S JUST GOOD BIDNESS!

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 05, 1999.

If someone has the thread link about Doc trying to shut down this forum, now would be a good time to dig it up.

-- Brian (, November 05, 1999.

I wish that Old Git would at least get these facts straight

-- Old Twit (is@lying.weasle), November 08, 1999.

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