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In the movie "Road Warrior" the writers explore the orignings of a post apocalyptic myth... in otehr words what hapens on the screen are the memoreis of a young child interpreted many years later, which may be why Max's heroics are exaggeratted and why the Humungus appears so rid=iculous to our somebr intellectual eyes, but, to a small child with no education and very little reference, he would be terrifying... I guess my point is that even if y2k is "very bad" or a "meltdown" nobody will remember ti that way. the memories will be filtered through human (fallible) memories, very few objective accounts will be recorded. (Lack of literacy and time & wherewithal to care about it mainly, there have been only a few firsthand accounts of the camps written almost all of which have been ignored or turned into myths themselves, liks Schindler's list or Hogans heroes etc.) So, if we don't have objective historical accoutns what will we have? Legends, Sagas, Myths, most of which will be much like "Road Warrior." So what if the survivors ate rats to live? So what if they turned away starving children? So what if they were commited My- Lai massacres every couple of days for a month? So what if the "bad guys" were simply starving suburbanites? Don't worry, after a few retellings they will morph into mohawked savages, which we can all feel very indifferent about killing. I say let the burned cities become babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah! Let Bill Clinton Become Pharoah! Let soccer moms become Mutant Cannibals! That way it will be much easier for our grandchildren to understand and accept. The fact that y2k was a simple programming goof is too embarrassing, let it be a judgement from GOD!

"an yea the brave went in to explore the dark caves alone, but the clever waited behind the brave, the cleverest waited behind the clever." Book of the Apocalypse chapter 2 verse 18:23

-- jeremiah (, November 05, 1999


You mean Hogan's Heroes wasn't real?

-- Spidey (in@jam.amazed), November 05, 1999.

Trying to picture life for U.S. citizens next year, I remember reading about a former U.S. serviceman ( Army I believe ) who spent a few years in a German POW camp. When he was asked what he remembered most about those years, he replied " Being hungry and cold all the time and not knowing when this thing would end. " The barracks had little or no heat, and the food the prisoners were given was of poor quality and often had sawdust mixed in to provide some filler.

A central arguement between pollys and doomers, Absolute doomers say there is nothing that could be done in the face of a catastrophie, Absolute pollys would say any problems could be fixed and rather quickly.

My best guess, at first Y2K will seem like a catastrophie but there will be things ( priorities, plans ) our country can do but there will be a limit to what can be accomplished. So I see it stabilizing into a severe type situation, there will be food and water for people but the water and especially food will be limited in amount and quality.

Like the POW in WW2, I imagine years from now people will remember being hungry, cold, sick from bad water, and wondering when this be over.

A house with a fireplace, plenty of wood, a square foot garden, a hand-pumped well, a good stash of supplies ( food, clothes, medicine,etc ) will help you aviod such a memory.

-- Stanley Lucas (, November 05, 1999.

I'll propose one myth: "And a full year for testing!"

-- Mad Monk (, November 05, 1999.

tired old god CRAP

-- D E F (, November 05, 1999.

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