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I have researched the VCD thing for weeks now and have not found the one remaining answer to this question: When a VCD is made correctly what is hierarchy structure of folders/files on the Cd-R? There must be a specific "layout" for DVD etc. to see the .dat file and read it. I have found out that if you are using Adaptec EZ CD Creator it will put the .dat file in the /segments folder which will not play on a Sony DVD player. Can you help me out here..?

-- Greg Swank (, November 05, 1999


If tweaked right Easy CD Creator will make a correct vcd, however, this has found to be done only in versions 3.01b, 3.5c, and maybe 4.0. It doesn't really matter, though, because Adaptec's software is very second rate. Use Nero. Oh, and if you're dealing with a Sony DVD player, I have a DVP-S500D and I make mpeg-1 videos with up to 2200kbs total data bitrate. Using Nero I can burn these onto a proper vcd layout and my Sony will play the video just fine and the quality is much better than just a 1374kbs total data rate. Do not try more than 2200kbs or the player won't be able to keep up and the video will jitter. The downside to this is a higher data rate means more disc space so you won't be able to burn a whole 74min. Look around in this forum under vcd format. There is a thread there from someone who does this using a 7710 or something like that. Good luck!


-- HazyMind (, November 05, 1999.

Can I ask HazyMind if your non compliant file is detected by Nero and do you actually burn it as a non compliant file?

I tried your suggested data rates but my Philips 725 would not play the file.

The reason for my question is that Nero said that my file was non compliant with the sound problem I posted in "NERO THE GREAT" not the larger data rate so at this point I do not know if sound is the problem or if the player does not play higher data rates. It loaded the first frame of a high data rate burn and stopped. I could then go on by using "next" on the dvd player to the other 5 test tracks on the CD-RW.

Funny how Sony players in PAL in this city (Adelaide South Australia) will not play my vcd's on CD-RW or CD-R when initially some 3 months ago having done so.

Thanks in advance for an answer!

-- Ross McL (, November 07, 1999.

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