KU B-Ball: Any thoughts about this weekend's exhibition?

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I'm going to the Texas A-meet this weekend, so I won't get to watch the exhibition game Saturday night. (Mary is not going to Texas, so she'll tape the game for me)...

Any OKers have any thoughts about the game? (Pre- and post-game comments are welcome).

-- Spike (meglin@juno.com), November 05, 1999


Exhibition games vary a lot on the quality of the opponents. This Calif All-Stars were good and definitely could have won the game - several guys easily broke the press, lots of slam dunks. The freshmen were great and not at all hestitant or tentative. This will be a fun team to watch. . . but are a lot of the Big 12 teams, too. Will be a fun season.

-- Gene (gmw@ukans.edu), November 09, 1999.

Mary taped the game for me and I watched it last night.

It looks to me like this year's team is going to be a lot of fun to watch. The full court press is exciting. It will also be fun to watch a different sort of defense.

Mostly it was just fun to watch basketball. I'm looking forward to Saturday's exhibition game.

-- Michael (mike_eglinski@kcmo.org), November 09, 1999.

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