I didn't post this under the other message because that one is really a link to the Area 51 site. However, wouldn't it be a good idea to keep "who is responsible" names/offices/and quotes somewhere on this board so that when TSHTF we can easily communicate with them and remind them of their complicity in the Y2k debaucle? Does someone already have that on their website?

-- tt (, November 05, 1999


Print out the statements, the press releases, whatever you can. Try to have at least two copies.

Evidence for the trials.

-- mushroom (, November 05, 1999.

Lets do it. They deserve to pay for their lying.

-- Lets (Bury@The.Liars), November 05, 1999.

Yeah...I'm pissed. All this lying to the people, while the govt prepares in toto. Why all the military buildup and EOs? Why demonize responsible folks for looking out after their loved ones, which is supposed to be a good parenting trait?

Make em pay, if things go wrong.

-- Taking no prisoners (right@get.em), November 05, 1999.

Has anyone checked with Hyatt, Yourden, North to see if they already have this. I agree, this is important to have and to hold. Although, finding 12 people who would give a crap about lying would mean to find 12 people randomly who didn't vote for Pig Boy. Convictions would be zero. Patriots would have to re-establish law and then try the bastards.

-- enough is (, November 05, 1999.

Great idea! If we had evidence that Clinton had lied, I'll bet he would be out of office. Except for film coverage on national TV. Except for boxes and boxes of reports.

Yeah, we needed "other" evidence!

-- Anonymous999 (, November 05, 1999.

Thems could be perceived as fightin' words, cuddluppy. Even if you or I would never see it that way, "those responsible" might see it that way. "Those responsible" are mostly paranoid; well, at least to the extent required to get yourselves up the top of the pyramid. (I'm guessing.)

"Those responsible" aren't so difficult to perceive and locate,...just look up!! *** With power, comes responsibility. Mostly, those who are most responsible for the y2k problem, are the bosses of the organisations which have had the most to do with the y2k problem. -:Simple enough ?-

Ok, so who are they? I'm not so sure I care, but then again, y2k hasn't really caused much suffering yet. It's fair to guess that lots of people next year will want to know just who's to blame for the chaos. Lots of the illuminati/nwo talk here at TB2K arises because the world is SOooo complicated, that it's incredibly difficult to even see "who's in charge." I don't know. No'ones in charge!

But mostly I don't think it gets to the root of the causal story to focus on responsible individuals. Because of THE SYSTEM (to use a cliche) most people are interchangeable, as far as their work is concerned. i.e., any one else would do the job samely. It's like the Borg. And, They aren't exercising any personal responsibility re y2k, because the problem is so important, they're mostly following orders from the top. (unless the org is so clueless that the chiefs are ignoring it.)

Now, the up-tops are responsible to the extent that anyBoDY is responsible. But full responsibility lies with circumstances and the cyclical nature of physical systems. ((and YES, regardless of whatelse we might be, we are obviously physical systems)) Physical complex systems, you see with them....Things go up, Things go down. patterns emerge, patterns dissipate.

Maybe? there was one guy, back in the fifties or somthing, who was more responsible for the problem than anyone else. Doesn't make it his fault! Have important people made regrettable or even reprehensible decisions in the face of y2k? Yep. But that's humans for ya.

Forgiveness works best, even though it's not instinctive.

But we should not let such things happen again.


Waiting, for the Great, Leap, Backward!

-- number six (, November 05, 1999.

ROTFLMAO! What about the more realistic outcome? What should we realists do with all of you Y2k wackos who have been preaching the end of the world for so long when nothing happens on 1/1/2000? Should we harass you and remind you of all your idiotic Doomer statements at that time? Should we pass out leaflets around your neighborhood so that all your neighbors know that a psychotic moron lives in their midst?

-- You Knowwho (, November 05, 1999.

You folks, while well-intentioned, are MISSING THE POINT.

NOBODY is "responsible". It's gonna be "cyber-terrorism". The PR pump has already been primed for that. The whole Y2K spin machine has ALWAYS been geared to avoiding responsbility, FROM DAY ONE. (anti- lawsuit legislation anyone?)

See what I mean? Think about it....

-- Dennis (, November 05, 1999.

I hope this helps


Tom Hanks Pauly Shore
Backstreet Boys Limp Bizkit
Michael Jordan Dennis Rodman
Doomers Pollies
Lakers Clippers
Warren Beatty Morton Downey Jr.

-- Butt Nugget (, November 05, 1999.

hey butt (or should i call you buttocks to be more formal) pretty funny!!! i also think kevin spacey is responsible too for keeping me up at night.

if you pollies want to keep a list of who the responsible doomers are that is a fine idea too. then we can see who GETS punished. because if things are fine--it is in part due to the doomers who screamed fire and pushed matters. if things ain't fine--it is because the doomers could only get so much done because of the darn pollies lying and stonewalling. see, either way we win.

-- tt (, November 05, 1999.


If TS really HTF, will we have a system left to "hold someone responsible?" I think the whole idea of relinquishing responsiblity is why Clinton has been the invisible man during this whole snafu. But, if it hits the scale anywhere around 5 (with +/- 3), which is not the proverbial BITR that the PTB are spouting, have tons of documentation (I have printed out reams of material, just in the last couple of weeks, (I have been suffering with "blind with eyes wide open" syndrome, I was busy fixing my systems, and naively believing that everyone else was fixing theirs))

And to all the POLLIES out there: ECON 101


The fallacy of composition can be summarized as: What is good (or bad) for one is necessarily good (or bad) for all. You guys/girls have got it real bad!

-- karla (, November 05, 1999.

--I agree with dennis. we won't have any y2k failures, it will be a "cyberterrorist attack". we won't have the governement murdering it's own citizens to reduce the population to a manageable level, we'll have some sort of phony bio attack from abdul j. raghead or something. --You know who I hold the most responsible? Journalists of the mass media, who have woefully failed to insist on real information getting out on any number of issues. I envision these oafs being in short supply next year, as a lot of them will deny that they were ever reporters. -my recommendations for all is to start with the local fatcat politicos and bank presidents, and such. Hold their feet to the fire on the issues locally, and get them run out of town once the system crashes begin. I am planning on taking ZERO orders from any current fatcats or any of their armed goon lapdogs if there is a big crash. they can byte me. They had their chance, and from where I'm standing and looking, they have bungled it big time, after ripping me off for years with these absurd taxes and various "laws" that have nothing to do with the constitution or even common sense. screw em. sorta like that phrase. screw em. ignore them. laugh at them. take no more "orders" from those fatcats. Work to establish your own local governments. If you are a serious preparer, you have already shown leadership, so go for it locally! We have a slim chance of rebuilding our country, I say do it! zog the always free man

-- zog (, November 05, 1999.


I haven't been around here for very long so I don't know if you are a total moron or a total troll. Your post says that nothing will happen on 1/1/2000. All you have to do is look at the various threads to see where things are happening RIGHT NOW IN NOVEMBER.

Whether it is Hershey's or Philadelphia and their schools or Florida community college at Jacksonville there are about fifteen current examples. Yes we know that these are from installs being forced by time pressures to go in before prudence and proper testing would dictate but they wouldn't be rushed in unless a worse fate would await those folks by staying on their former software.

My own PC was hit by a real Y2K problem in February. In MS Outlook we were getting output of 2099 instead of 1999 and all of the data was being ignored. Found a workaround. My wife's boss ran into the same problem and when I went to work and showed it to the MIS staff they were able to replicate it. Later versions of MS Outlook were fine.

I run on NT 4.0 workstation with Office 97.

-- Dana (, November 05, 1999.

Say, speaking of evidence-gathering, David Irving's latest book, NUREMBERG: THE LAST BATTLE is avaialble free free free on his internet site -- David Irving's call to action, I beleive it is -- as a free adobe Acrobat download. TBY2K regulars might want to use this as a game plan to avoid procedural errors in the lynching process.

-- SH (, November 05, 1999.

YouKnow, I don't normally respond to such idiotic ramblings but try to look at it this way...if I'm wrong, I eat my mistakes. If you're wrong, you and your loved ones and any others you've convinced to not prepare, will be hungry and cold. It's not the odds, it's the stakes.

-- (, November 05, 1999.

attach the names to their ropes,too...

-- y2ktransient (, November 05, 1999.

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