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Our government has invited representatives from the nuclear power countries to spend New Year's Eve in Cheyenne Mountain to monitor the possibility of an "accidental" launch of missiles. Is the government trying to make us feel better by pretending to be on top of Y2K's potential problems? --Or have they just been feeding us a bunch of bull that everything is under control? Does this bother anyone else?

-- Linda Smethers (, November 05, 1999


According to my husband, the Russians have been there for some time as observers with regard to disarmament. It comes as no surprise that others are there now also. The world has become a pretty dangerous place in recent years...Y2K or no Y2K.

I don't want any mistakes made either.

Then I am reminded of "Dr. Strangelove"...."But they'll see the BIG BOARD!".....Ha! Really loved that movie....

-- Ynott (, November 05, 1999.

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