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Katadyn Water Filters
Tomorrow evening, I will be sending email to all those that expressed interest in Katadyn water filters and additional filter elements. If you didn't get a chance to check out the Katadyn deal and want in on it, let me know by close of business day. We will also will be able to let people pick up additional ceramic and charcoal elements, etc. without having to buy a complete water filter unit. For more information about the Katadyn deal, click here.

Corona Victoria Grain Mills
While it remains to be finalized, it is likely that we will have a cooperative buy on the coronoa voctria grain mills. They will probably cost about half the price of the Back to Basic grain mill and have a pretty decent sized hopper from pictures that I have seen of the Corona Victoria. If anyone needs to get an inexpensive grain mill, they should promptly email an indication of interest to me at

Tall Aluminum Aladdin Lamps (First and Second Cooperative Buy)
I am told that the remaining Aladdin lamps and parts orders should arrive on Monday afternoon. Those who would like to be a part of a second cooperative buy on Aladdin lamps should let me know. Unfortunately, the price of lamps has gone up a bit due to the crunch of last minute preparations. The cost of the tall aluminum aladdin lamp is now available to us for $US 75.00. However, we only need 5 lamp orders to make the second cooperative order. In addition, those interested in spare parts for their Aladdins can join us in this second order: lox-on mantles ($US 6), lox on chimneys ($US 17), wicks for new lamps ($US 8), and bug screens ($US 6).  If anyone has interest, they should email an indication of interest to me at

Stan Faryna

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-- Stan Faryna (, November 04, 1999

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