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I can record Puzzle Bobble, but the playback gives me a different set of bubbles. I score just fine, but when I look at it, it messes up about round 3. I've tried no sound, deleting CFG files, but nothing works. What am I missing?

-- Ray Atkinson (jinx@wenzmemorials.com), November 04, 1999


Zwaxy, I know this isn't the right thread, but I am still missing both ZZY recordings, Brix recording, and TPYP (Trivial Pursuit Young Players) This is what I know from what I have seen here at work while sick. ;-(

-- Chris Parsley (cparsley1@hotmail.com), November 04, 1999.

Try deleting or moving your HI files. Some games can use memory content for seed random numbers or something, so move or delete hi\pbobble.hi before you record and playback and see if that works.

-- Barry Rodewald (bsr@hn.pl.net), November 04, 1999.

I tried playing back 5 different inps from the regular board and the tournament board with Xmame. None of them played back past the first round.

Can someone playback my recording for the tournament and see if it plays back? It played back for me.

-- Dave Kaupp (info@kaupp.cx), November 04, 1999.

I just made a recording using DOS MAME 0.34 final. I recorded without sound, and it plays back just fine for me. Could it be the sound that causes problems? I don't have a soundcard working for this PC, so I can't test this theory...

-- Zwaxy (zwaxy@mail.com), November 05, 1999.

Zwaxy, your pbobble recording doesn't playback with sound on. So this means yours is to be confirmed with the sound turned off and then it will work fine. Evidently, sound in this particular game does make a difference.


-- JoustGod (pinballwiz1@msn.com), November 05, 1999.

Yes it does JoustGod... so I think to help out Donut, our Puzzle Bobble judge, you should indicate wheater or not you used sound or not when you submit a recording. For the record, I turned ON the sound and right now it's a confirmed recording... so you can use sound ON or OFF. :)

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), November 05, 1999.

Whoops... I should mention that it was my recording I was referring to on my last sentence in the last post. Sorry :(

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), November 05, 1999.

Puzzle Bobble still doesn't work for me. I've now tried to delete my Hi files, but still nothing works. I get to round three and then the colors come in new orders and . . . Game Over

-- Ray Atkinson (jinx@wenzmemorials.com), November 05, 1999.

I am right with you on this one Ray, the same thing happens to me, I get a different set of colours in the playback. I have scored over 38 million on this game in the arcade.

-- Gary Lee (garyjlee@hotmail.com), January 03, 2000.

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