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This site offers plans for a non-electric refrigerator (no, not an ice box):


-- walt (, November 04, 1999


OK Walt...I'll bite...I couldn't get anywhere on the site...can you fill us in?


-- beej (, November 05, 1999.

The URL worked for me. Very clever little system. Don't confuse it with a Servel type though. This unit is a "batch type" system, ie. it is not a continous loop with a boiler, heat remover, and cooling area. If a person made two or three of these units and lifted the cooler portion in and out of an insulated box, you could have continous refrigeration, ie. prepare one unit (heat it up), then have it cool a small insulated box while you are heating the next unit, etc.

-- Ken Seger (, November 05, 1999.

See for descriptions of the original "icyball" including cross sectional cuts from which you might be able to self generate your own design and save the $15.

The Anydrous Ammonia is fun stuff.

-- Joe (, November 05, 1999.

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