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I'm going this weekend to take the doula workshop (very excited!!). And as i've done some research and thought about it i'm some what concerned about how i will be able to cope when a mom or baby has problems with delivery or a baby is born with problems. Currently i have two children (both problem pregnancies) and am a breastfeeding educator. (planning on inculcating that aspect greatly with my moms). Just wanted some input from others as to how you cope and how you can help mom and family to cope as well. Also visit my webpage on breastfeeding. Thanks for the input!

-- Samantha Robbins (, November 04, 1999


This is also an issue that I worry about... I've decided that I will continue offering any information I have and supporting them in coming to whatever decisions need to be made. When I've supported women who have ended up with less than ideal births we've done a lot of talking to help integrate the birth. One of my big goals is to help women feel in control of as much of the birth as they can and not feel like someone else has taken over. For myself, I must remember that I can only help by being sensitive and helpful to mom's needs.

Hope the workshop was wonderful!!

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, December 04, 1999.

I had a wonderful experience working with a team of doulas. The birth was a stressfull one .IT was a vbac with unexplained bleeding. WE were able to share our observations, spell each other and correct each other. THE mom birthed vaginally and felt wonderful about her experienc.I dont think I could have helped her enough without the team.

-- sandra carpenter (, February 24, 2000.

Your concerns are certainly valid ones that you need to thinkabout. I'm in Al-Anon, the result of my son's battle with the disease of alcoholism. Through this I have learned the lessons of acceptance of things I cannot change, and I find this invaluable in working with women whose birth plans must undergo drastic change because of unforseen circumstances. It is a hugely simple concept, but very difficult to do, but I find women seem to grasp and appreciateit. It's a spiritual thing, and a birthing woman is at her core a spiritual being . Hope this helps some

-- Alison Langley (, March 19, 2000.

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