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Anyone notice how incredibly quiet the worlds terrorist have been over the last few months. While we do see skirmishes like things going on in India, Pakistan, Chechnya and such we havent seen or heard anything from terrorists, international or domestic for quite a while.

Did I miss anything recently or is it too quiet. Nobody even claimed for downing flight 990 last week, so it might really just be a failure rather than terrorism.

-- hamster (, November 04, 1999


Colonel Higgins: "It's quiet.....too quiet...."

Native Scout: "The drums.... they've stopped!"

Colonel Higgins: "The natives must be restless. Well, let's ride"

Native Scout: "aaaaarrrhghghhghghr!!!!"

Colonel Higgins: "Bloody HELL!, they're attacking! To arms, to arms!"

-- (sound@familiar.yet?), November 04, 1999.

...actually, it hasn't been quiet at all. lets see what's been happening: outbreak of the mysterious west nile virus in new york, with plum island just across the sound, a government biowar research center, and them using BIRDS to experiment with, and birds being one of the vectors of this outbreak. then NYC and surrounding areas being sprayed with malathion and who knows what else evyptair alledged malfunction crash, but some real flies in the pie there, one of which is chris ruddys report of monitoring cockpit transmissions and hearing that the airliner was being warned out of the area because of ROCKET FIRE another batch of seemingly senseless firearms related shootings, all to convwenient for me as it relates to the governments anti gun hysteria and demonizing gun owners the continuuing chemtrails spraying. way too much anecdotal evidence is now available to deny that it is happening. the evidence includes samples tested of various chemicals and biological agents, and lots of folks sick the feds "warning" about possible terrorist attacks, in my opinion, they are both telling the truth and lying, ie, their are no goodniks around the world who wish the great satan(the US and western world) to be gone, as in dead. we are infidels. so it's a real threat, one which we are paying for with all our oil purchase money, etc. the lie part is what I believe what's coming, the Great Cull. I have maintained that the US and other governments know full well the staggering implications of massive y2k failures, and are planning on passing the buck on their irresponsibility by culling the population, especially in the big cities, most likely with chem/bio warfare. There does not exist the infrastructure in emergency services and materiel to "take care of" suddenly untold millions of folks who find themselves out of water, food, power, sanitation, etc, and they are gonna be PISSED OFF when they realize they have been lied to by big biz and big bro. so, bump em off, and blame it on abdul j raghead or some other convenient scapegoat. according to the gov, we won't have any y2k failures, but we might have "cyber attacks"--how convenient for them!---I call this terrorism in the most extreme sense, and historically, terrorism has been used the most by governments against their own citizens. Historical fact. Economic terrorism is quite real, as I am sure some of the more international money people here can attest to. The manipulation of the stock market, commodities market, gold, etc, is quite real, not to mention the illegal "federal reserve bank" Phooie. the fix is in. Get OUT of the big cities, and make a new life for yourself is the best advice I can give anyone. It solves a lot of problems right off the bat. Darwin Awards 2000

-- zog (, November 04, 1999.

Seen the latest on flight 990? How weird is that?

Struggle in the cockpit?

Just thinkin' out loud...

-- Thinman (, November 04, 1999.

I see that Far Side cartoon showing two pilots sitting in the cockpit of a large aircraft. There are very nervous, scared faces from the passengers looking out the windows of the cabin.

One pilot smiles devilishly to the other, and while holding the radio in one hand and the control wheel (stick, lever, whatever you call it) in the other, he says "Okay folks, looks like that just about does it, sorry for the interuption.... OH NO wait... here comes some more turbulence!. "

-- ( priceless), November 04, 1999.

Zog, I was talking about real terrorism, not the sightings/art bell stuff.

Never mind. Shouldnt have asked that question in this forum anyway.

-- hamster (, November 04, 1999.

I am thinking that Bin Laden and other organizations and countries that are cooperating with him may be planning a massive attack using biological, nuclear, or chemical weapons that would severely damage the US. Another high profile attack would cause the US to go after him in a major way, so perhaps he feels he only has one more shot to accomplish his goals.

-- Dave (, November 04, 1999.

hamster- As I understand it the latest on Flt 990 is this: The radar is showing the plane to be falling at close to the speed of sound. This aircraft is obviously not designed for that and would have needed engine assist to achieve that. Thrust reversers would have impeded the rate of descent. Also unexplained climb during beginning sequence to descent. Sounds eerily familiar to radar patterns of JFKjr aircraft.

-- Gia (, November 05, 1999.

Just ordered about 5 books on terrorism that were mentioned in the bios in the "New World Coming" paper by the US Commission on National Security/21st Century. Have you heard about the Panama Canal being turned over to Panama on 12/31/99 and who is buying up rights to the docks there??? M

-- meandu (, November 05, 1999.

Flight 990 was an act of terrorism and that is why they are spreading around so much disinformation to confuse the issue. First it was thrust reversers, now they are trying to say the plane went through the sound barrier to go 690 mph (which would have created a boom heard far away), then without falling apart, it managed to do a real cool pullback and climb back up another 8,000 ft. before it fell. The government is doing everything they can to confuse and conceal the facts because they don't want anyone to find out the crooked shit they are involved in.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), November 05, 1999.

--this latest information just further's my standings on the "government as terrorist" idea. There IS terrorism going on, it just may be a bit too subtle for some folks to consider or grasp. What happened to the early reports of the plane landing at a military airfield?- they have evaporated into the media spin ether, that's where. --I am convinced beyond any doubt that there is a large shadow government who control events. this shadow government is composed of different factions, and they "war" on each other, but all of these factions use "the system" and their immunity from prosecution or scrutiny to further their goals of power control and greed. THEY cause the wars, THEY are the big drug smugglers, THEY manipulate the markets- -on and on. I am also convinced that y2k WAS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN ON PURPOSE. This will be the greatest transfer of wealth and power in the planets history--a huge heist. The destruction of the middle class, in the very least as to any remaining political power that they might still enjoy. I believe that the ultimate goal of these_"dark forces"-is simple-the planet as a 1% master, 99% slave empire. It has been the goal of all meglamaniacs throughout history, and i have seen no evidence that this has changed. "They" have almost total control now, and an aware-and armed-American middle class is the last place on the planet were at least semi-free folks still live. This is simplistic and short, but the gist of my theory holds water, I believe, taking all the various "clues' into consideration.

Watch for a major bio war terrorist incident before rollover, as well as a bogus cyber attack, maybe effecting the entire net or large portions.

-- zog (, November 05, 1999.

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