Michael Hyatt Releases Y2K 'eBook' Online

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Best Selling Author Releases Y2K 'eBook' Online * World's First Concurrent Release of Printed and Electronic Books By A Best Selling Author BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Called ``the perfect marriage of form and content,'' a downloadable edition of a new book titled ``The Y2K Personal Survival Guide'' by best selling author Michael S. Hyatt is now available from The 1stBooks Library at www.1stbooks.com on the World Wide Web.

The recent release of Hyatt's latest work from Regnery Publishing as both as a hardcover book and as an ``eBook'' marks the world's first concurrent publication of a book by a best selling author in both printed and electronic form.

Hyatt's 1998 best seller, ``The Millennium Bug,'' reached #7 on the New York Times business list, and sold out 13 printings in its first three months. ``The Y2K Personal Survival Guide'' is its sequel.

Where ``The Millennium Bug'' convinced scores of readers worldwide that the 'Year 2000 Problem' is real, ``The Y2K Personal Survival Guide'' offers practical, step-by-step advice to help readers protect themselves and their families at the turn of the millennium.

Both titles are available to download from 1stBooks in Acrobat (PDF) format from Adobe Systems directly to the computers of readers, in a matter of minutes. In addition to the electronic editions from 1stBooks, both titles will also be available soon as ``RocketEditions'' for the Rocket eBook reader, a popular new product specifically designed for reading electronic books (see www.rocket-ebook.com ) from NuvoMedia, Inc.

Because Hyatt's books are especially relevant to anyone who uses a computer, ``The Y2K Personal Survival Guide'' is particularly well suited to online distribution. As 1stBooks adds with a touch of dark humor, readers are encouraged to ``download it today -- while you still can.''

Whether Y2K creates a crisis or not, Hyatt is a front runner in the rapidly emerging field of electronic books, part of a revolution that is sweeping the publishing industry. More and more best selling authors are now opting to publish online, in order to reach an estimated 70 million or more Internet users around the world more directly. Hyatt leads a growing list of name authors whose books are now available from 1stBooks and other eBook distributors, a trend that seems certain to accelerate into the 21st century.


-- LOON (blooney10@aol.com), November 04, 1999


Hw may be a "frontrunner" in hoovering money out of the pockets of the paranoid, But let us assess his prognostication accuracy:

April 1, 1999. On this date, Canada, Japan, and the State of New York begin their fiscal year. This will, of course, include dates beyond Y2K. As a result, planning systems, especially budgets that have not been repaired will fail as they attempt to process Y2K dates. Since New York City is the media capitol of the world, problems there will grab headlines worldwide. Problems in Japan will remind everyone again of how interconnected our world is. The Japanese will also be forced to admit that there systems might not make it. I expect the stock market to react and begin (or continue) its downward spiral. Public confidence will continue to wane and the number of Y2K optimists will continue to dwindle.

July 1, 1999. On this date, forty-four U.S. states begin their fiscal years. The problems that began in New York will now spread exponentially across the country and around the world. The public will feel the global and pervasive nature of the Y2K Problem for the first time. This will be further exacerbated by the fact that many states have not had the resources to adequately address their Millennium Bug problems. Consequently, the failures will be real and widespread.

From the 12 Oct 1998 issue of Westergaard - Michael Hyatt

Wrong once again Mikey...

-- Y2K Pro (y2kpro1@hotmail.com), November 04, 1999.

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