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Nov. 2
A federal council aims to prepare Americans for the year 2000 with a new booklet that outlines what to do as the millennium approaches.

The President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion has prepared a free pamphlet, called "Y2K and You," that discusses the potential impact of the Y2K bug on utilities, health care, financial and governmental services, travel, and everyday products.

The booklet asks readers not to overreact to millennium hype, stressing that people should prepare for the date change as they would a long weekend.

"It is extremely unlikely that the Y2K issue will cause banks and other financial institutions to lose track of your finances," one section notes. It advises having half a tank of gas in cars and three-day's worth food and water at home, emphasizing that these are normal wintertime precautions.

Governments and consumer groups are putting Year 2000 plans into place to make sure citizens know what to expect during the date change. British officials recently announced they would spend $15 million to distribute informational leaflets to every person in the country.

The Y2K problem, also known as the millennium bug, is rooted in the way dates are recorded in computer code. Previously, systems programmers used two digits to represent years to conserve PC memory. With this format, however, the year 2000 is indistinguishable from 1900.

Council chairman John Koskinen said he doesn't expect the United States to suffer significant computer problems related to the Y2K bug. Yet people still need to be wary of any potential issues.

"Individuals should be prepared for the possibility that there could be temporary disruptions in some services," Koskinen said.

In the booklet, there is a checklist for personal readiness that suggests keeping copies of important records before and after January 1, 2000. It also recommends families check with appliance manufacturers to make sure that home electronics are Y2K compliant.

"The most important Y2K information any of us can have is about the readiness of our own communities," said Koskinen. "People need to take the time to read Y2K notices being provided by local governments, bands, phone and power companies, supermarkets, and others so that they have a better understanding of what to expect in their neighborhoods and can prepare accordingly."

The council prepared the booklet in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Trade Commission.

-- Dog Gone (, November 03, 1999


Make sure you have at least a 12 pack of beer also.

-- a (a@a.a), November 03, 1999.

I would have to dumb down my usual preparations for a walk around the block to equal their suggested level for even a short weekend. This is totally unrealistic. Who do they think they are fooling?

" that they have a better understanding of what to expect in their neighborhoods and can prepare accordingly."

This must have been written by a mental defective and with that description I'm being very, very generous.

This represents gross neglect and dereliction of duty.

Simply described IT IS A SET-UP!!!

-- snooze button (, November 03, 1999.

Don't forget your no-pest strip...

Mr.Happyface :)

-- Mr.Happface (toobad@so.sad), November 03, 1999.

the Cull Cometh

-- handwriting on wall (tick@tock.BOOM), November 03, 1999.

don't forget an extra pak of smokes.

-- plonk! (, November 03, 1999.

Your tax dollars at work.

-- Flint (, November 03, 1999.

uugghhh ;-(

-- MIS (, November 03, 1999.

Make sure you don'thave any of that currency that can be tracked 5 miles away or you might not get your money out of the bank.

BTW, will the death camps have ATMs?

-- Butt Nugget (, November 03, 1999.

Don't you really, really wonder what they have planned for the 4th day?

-- Gia (, November 03, 1999.

On the fourth day we will be told that all will be well in 2 more days. The relentless 1-2 day extensions of time will continue to pacify the pollies until the contingency plans are fully implemented.

-- number9 (, November 03, 1999.

For a three-day weekend, I usually get a full tank of gas. I didn't realize I was a hoarder all these years.

-- Dog Gone (, November 04, 1999.

Got ROPE? Let's locate President Pecker and shove his collection of Y2K bug Beannie Babies up Koskinen's ass.

It could be his 3 day supply of beans.

-- Will continue (, November 04, 1999.

farming--- That cracked me up ;-)

-- MIS (, November 04, 1999.

What polly shit! A half of tank of gas? Your not even supposed to let your tank get low in a normal winter so as to prevent condensation.

-- Dave (, November 04, 1999.

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