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I was running two trains with my Cheif set ,and I though I would speed up my passanger train a little. While doing this, my 2amp fuse blow on my power supply. After replaceing the fuse, I pressed the run/stop and "+" bottons on my DT100r and as soon as power was restored, the train took off and I was unable to stop it. Then the fuse blow again. I replaced the fuse again with a 5 amp fuse, and once again the took off running uncontrolable. What do I need to do to fix this problem? I can't run that train until the problem is corrected.

-- Lawrence Hannahan (, November 03, 1999



Need a little more info here. When you say you replaced the 2amp fuse on the power supply, I need to ask what power supply are you using, or at least was this 2 amp fuse in the primary side of the supply or on the output side.

The Chief's DSC100 will trip out at around 5 amps, and what needs to be found is why the fuse is blowing instead of tripping the booster.

At this time it is hard to figure out what might be happening. If this 2 amp fuse was on the output of the supply then it would indicate the supply is only rated at 2 amps. If it is on the primary, or input side of a 110 volt transformer it would indicate a larger supply then normal.

The next question is what scale are you using and at what position do you have the DCS100 scale switch set to.

Last but not least are the cars lighted and how many, as well as what loco is involved here. More to the point does it happen to be a HO LL P2K PA series?

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-- Don Crano (, November 04, 1999.

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