Dress shirts (work style)

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In this weeks issue of Cdn Business.


They manufacture white dress shirts and sell via the web. Reasonable for $65.00 per.

I have a client who purchased a Jetta from me. Her family (she's cute too!) manufactures dress shirts in Woodbridge for Harry Rosen retailers. I wonder if we could undercut these guys and still make money.....

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1999


Yes, I've thought about this too and I think we can do it and do it even better! They've taken the pains to bring the idea to the public mind--now we can ride off their coattails kick their behinds!

First thing. You think the idea is extensible for other urban centres? Boston, NYC, etc?

Does CuteGirl's(tm) family make nice sports shirts too? With Casual Dressing, the NEW dress code, it not so much white shirts, suit, and black socks and wingtips. It is more like nice sports shirt and kakhis if you are a techie/middle management. Higher ups where nice sport shirts and dress pands. I was reading in a business magazine that someone was mistaken for a Xerox repair guy for wearing a blue suit!

The only problem with nice sport shirts is that you need a variety. We need to think around this.

However, kahkis would be easy...pretty standard. Sell either generic ones that have "special" features that are compelling reasons to buy (pockets where you coins don't fall out), yada yada for a reasonable price. Or find a source of Dockers and other perma-crease kakhis and that's it!!!

-- Anonymous, November 10, 1999

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