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Four like-minded Yourdanies, all in a row

All sat down to watch Kosky's show.

What fun it was to see them blow (smoke).

Last evening, I attended the 5th of 7 scheduled "Y2k Community Conversations", the 'official' Y2k preparedness gatherings. This was my 3rd time attending one of these meetings here in the metro area. This particular meeting was held at KC Kansas Community College, and was of particular interest to me as it was geared toward members of my county/city. As I've mentioned in other re-cap posts, the meetings start with the official Koskinen video and are followed by a video put out by the Mid America Regional Council that specifically addresses issues pertinent to the KC area.

As before, turnout was light; I counted fewer than 30 people in the audience. Mixed demographics as to age, race, etc.

As per the 'formula', after the video was shown there were several representatives of local utilities, a hospital, a grocery store chain, the Red Cross and the police department. All gave a brief overview of what had been done, what to expect, and what contingency plans were being made. One thing that was different about this meeting was the representatives tended to read their prepared statements, as opposed to speaking extemporaneously as panel members in previous meetings did. One panel member (the grocery store rep) had been a presenter in at least one other meeting; he looked and acted quite bored, with an unmistakeable air of condescension surrounding him. The other presenters ... well...they were earnest, I can say that about them. All read (or recited from memory) their carefully worded spiels.

The question and answer period again followed the speeches from the panel. One person (who came and left with one of the panel members) asked questions that made it look like she was a shill. A question was posed regarding the possibility of martial law elderly, gray haired lady.

But, the thing that surprised me the most were the questions/comments that were raised from a man in the audience - questions about foreign imports, oil concerns, embedded chips, the interconnectivity of it all, how NERC is really essentially only a trade organization, etc. 'Twas obvious this guy had done quite a bit of homework; he knew what he was talking about, and did not easily swallow the 'easy', sometimes glib answers he was given. Obviously another Yourdonite, I decided.

After the meeting, I made it a point to talk with this guy. No, not familiar with the forum - doesn't really visit any forums, just has done a lot of research on the problem. Gave him the URL to TB2000, he seemed able enough to be able to wade through the extraneous 'stuff' that appears here at times, and would certainly be a worthy contributor of ideas/thoughts/information.

It was good to be in the company of friends.

-- Wilferd (, November 03, 1999


Wilferd, I sent you a response to the post of the meeting previously suggesting that you are the expert like the man who DID HIS HOMEWORK.

It is very, very sad that these wonks gave the answers that they did to one of the learned 1% as we view the iceberg before us. Maybe if he brought up how Y2K may affect the Royals and Chiefs someone would get serious.

We will have many people in need of sedatives soon. Stock up.

-- PJC (, November 03, 1999.


This maybe a little off the subject but it does regard the whole y2k ok attitude of TPTB.

My best friends dad retired a couple of years ago. He was one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Admiral Robert A. Kramek of the United States Coast Guard. Every year for Christmas/New Year celebrations the entire family gets togethor in the Florida Keys at a location owned by the military exclusively for recreational use. I was concerned that my bud was going to be travelling over the millenial holiday, and she in turn questioned her father on the safety of travelling during this time. His response, a-okay! Now I do realize he is retired from the military, he is now an executive at a international shipping co., his son has followed in his footsteps, and is an officer in the Coast Guard. My point here is that I believe he is in a position to be aware of a severe crisis. There are only two conclusions I have come to.

1. He seriously does not believe there will be a crisis. - or - 2. Like any parent, in the event of a crisis, he would like to have his family all together in a safe place (and what a bonus, the Florida Keys no-less).

Thoughts anyone. The more I learn, the more unsure I am. At least the waits almost over.

-- MIS (, November 03, 1999.


Yes, and I saw your comment on the last re-cap thread I wrote. I should have responded and am sorry I didn't.

When I saw "expert", I had to chuckle - I've spent untold amounts of time reading, listening, and researching this topic on the Internet -- enough that I understand many (certainly NOT all) more technical things than I ever would have imagined. The awareness of the webs of interconnectivity - that, I've always had - although my understanding of the fragileness and intricaticies has been heightened.

I have been interested in attending these meetings because I am a veteran "people watcher"; I've always been interested in seeing 'who does what' and I like watching how subsequent 'editions' of a story are told. How the message is presented is sometimes just as interesting as what the message actually is, or at least it is for me. (Kind of a clean voyeuristic bent, huh?!) I know that there is oftentimes quite a difference between what happens in a public meeting, ie., the tone of the atmosphere, and what is reported in the press. I've wanted to see that for myself.

I've not gone to the meetings for any new substantive information gathering; I've already done that for my local utilities and other infrastructure. I went to see what was actually being said to people, how they handled questions, what kind of attitudes they had toward people who did have questions, and maybe my biggest reason - to see if the message changed in any significant way the closer we got to rollover. And, I've gone to the meetings to see what kind of a turnout they draw; how many others are interested enough to attend? What demographic population is interested enough to attend? I've thought about it this way: As these meetings have not been well publicized, one must be actively researching and gathering information about this topic, and is concerned/interested enough that they will go out of their way to attend the meeting. It's an active, voluntary act. I've been pleasantly surprised by WHO in the audience seems to GI; it's not always the folks you might think would be.

So, as time draws closer, and with the weather getting colder, the holidays approaching, I'll probably pass on the last two meetings. Lots more things to do. It's been an interesting experience.

-- Wilferd (, November 03, 1999.

Re: The General and his family...

Many people that are usually 'in the know' do not know or understand the problems surrounding the Y2k issue any more than some of the uneducated do. To understand the repercussions one has to be able to think in a different DIMENSION; economics, sociology, computers, systematic relationships, etc....all play a part in the process of thinking through this problem. It has little to do with age, education, economic background, race or gender. The General you refer to may respect the advice of only a few people who in turn do not think like most of the people who contribute to this forum. It is that simple. Thank God that you are able to 'see'.

Trust your gut and work like hell to get your family prepared for the next couple of years. Life WILL NOT be the same, and YOU know it. Don't question why you know and the guy next door whose opinions you have always valued and respected, does not know.

-- Mark (, November 03, 1999.

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