FEATURE/Sunspots, Y2K Emerge as Tardy Payment

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FEATURE/Sunspots, Y2K Emerge as Tardy Payment Tactics



"Renton offered three recommendations to bill collectors and those awaiting repayment of loans, two groups likely to be inundated by an entirely new set of non-payment excuses during the coming months:

1. Collect as much as possible before January 1, 2000. Offer incentives for pre-millennium payments;

2. Convey your appreciation of past payment history and/or attitude where appropriate, further inducing ongoing timely efforts;

3. Communicate openly (and non-confrontationally) when a payment problem is cited, to determine exactly what the situation is, and how best to resolve it quickly. "

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), November 03, 1999

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