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I found a source for a Servel gas refrigerator service manual... for $6.00!! It's a small booklet, but certainly worth the price. Kerns Gas Refrigeration...3929 LaMesa Ave...Shasta Lake City, CA 96019 He also sells parts - burner, door seal, etc. Very nice gentleman to talk to on the phone, named Martan Kerns. Phone number (530)275-6382. I gave him the model number of my Servel and he told me it was an 8 cu ft made in 1949. It was my grandma's first real refrigerator(and the first one I ever laid eyes on!) and I recall they paid for it by picking up pecans for a couple of seasons - still didn't have electricity then. It still works great - but we ordered a new burner just to be on the safe side.

-- jeanne (, November 03, 1999


Make sure you keep a carbon monoxide tester
in the kitchen. Also you need to clean the
flu and burner on a regular basis.

-- spider (, November 06, 1999.

Thanks spider! Actually, when we built our house in 1991, we decided to have an "outdoor" kitchen, ie a screened in room with roof on the deck just outside our regular kitchen. I've always had an extra refrig out there, along with an extra electric range. I've always done all our canning out there to keep the house cool. Now we've changed to a propane cooking range and are going to use the old propane Servel. Unlimited air exchanges in that room!! However, we are also putting a wall mounted on-demand type water heater in our master bath - and a ventless propane heater. I do intend to buy the co2 alarm but PLUS the propane alarm for that room.

-- jeanne (, November 06, 1999.

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