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The thread on the classic forum by the IEEE technologist reminds us that rollover is "the end of the beginning." This has as many implications for individuals, families and communities as it does for business entities and "fixing Y2K."

Prepping doesn't end on 12/31/99. In a sense, it begins.

This should be taken as encouragement, not discouragement. The nature of prepping may change for a shorter or longer period of time depending on where Y2K impacts fall on the scale. Some items may be unavailable. Some items you may not need may be super-available to you locally (oranges in Florida if they can't be shipped nationally).

Milage will probably never vary as much nationally and world-wide as it will between 01/01/2000 and 06/01/2000.

"Prepping" post-rollover may well take other forms for a while than it has in 1997-1999:

-- Sharing, trading, exchanging goods locally.
-- Building neighborhood support after "everyone" is a GI
-- Preserving current employment and/or applying existing skills rapidly where most needed to support yourself/family
-- Recalibrating investments rapidly based on market liquidity
-- Encouraging family members spiritually who are blind-sided by Y2K (yes, I know, but they will feel blindsided)
-- ??

Prepping, for many of us, has become a way of life characterized by maximizing our self-reliance and power to make choices, so far as possible.

While the "so far as possible" may be constrained next year (will be constrained), the principle remains not only valid but vital. Not only for ourselves but as something to teach and share with many in our community.

I still expect an 8.5. If Y2K is a "4", my "so far as possible" will remain relaxed. In fact, after a healthy post-Y2K detox, I'll keep right on. Either way, this is not a counsel to relax your PRE-ROLLOVER preps. Quite the opposite. If you're filling a bit paralyzed by anxiety or an emptied wallet, take heart and keep doing all you can now -- while remembering that post-rollover will continue to provide all sorts of unexpected opportunities for further prepping and sharing what you have learned.

Probably 75% of real preparations have very little to do with money or supply chain products anyway. Some of us preppers are as trapped by "prep consumerism" as anybody. Prepping is a way of life -- long familiar to our ancestors, who merely thought of it as being American, prudent, self-reliant, wise.

It not only won't go out out style, it may come into style for the first time in a long time.

-- BigDog (, November 03, 1999


Big Dog,

I had the same thoughts while reading Mr. Way's criticism. If Mr. Way is on to something, things could still be quite bad, but the boiling may take some time. If January 1, 1900 (grin) may be less eventful than previously assumed, this would be good (better?) news that we can chew on. And like you say above, there may just be opportunities to continue prepping for Y2K and/or get further along in our transition to a more intentional way of living. If you are going full steam on preps and heading for certain bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2000, what does this means for you if the endgame goes into overtime. Still, there are good reasons to be well prepared for something happening on the CDC.

For some, this may come as very bad news. The stress, hardships, and all the other things suffered and endured will be prolonged. Some may not feel they have the endurance to run the extra mile. How many spouses and significant others have been promised that the preps will end on the CDC and some semblance of previous lifestyles will resume? How much longer do you have to be the village idiot, neighborhood kook, and nutty outcast of friends and family? How can you get people to keep focused on the risks that were supposed to have an immoveable deadline? Certainly, some of us will be more challenged than others-- if the shit doesn't hit the fan when the big clock strike midnight.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, November 03, 1999.

also standing in line with the others occasionally to replenish supplies.

-- tt (, November 03, 1999.

Bird Dog,

After reading the post on the problems that the oil industry will have and what effect that would have on us down the road,I feel alot more shortages are on the way then I had thought.

I can't believe,that once again,I feel the need to add some more to my preps,while there are still supplies available.

-- Maggie (, November 03, 1999.

Yesterday, I got treated to good natured jibes about my y2k preparations in the supermarket line by my plumber, The King of Poo, formerly known as Duane. Nice to have about 15 people stare at you.

I kept my sense of humor and made a public bet. Now I get a dozen roses if the power goes out at any time on NY day.

Point is - cultivate a sense of humor and laugh at yourself. Humor is the best bridge I have found to span troubled waters. Besides, sometimes being known as a kook or eccentric has its benefits. You can get away with things "stuffy" people can't. It's expected - lol.

-- marsh (, November 03, 1999.

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