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Has anyone been thinking of spending some time on this Forum New Year's Eve and not considered the probability of not being able to get on due to heavy traffic?

Any streamlining-type solutions/suggestions out there so that we can "share the experience"?

-- Sara Nealy (, November 02, 1999


I will consider myself lucky even to just dial in, let alone load this site.

Sadly, I am expecting this site to be unavailable beginning about Dec 15.

-- semper paratus (, November 02, 1999.

Prefer to watch it live.

-- SH (, November 03, 1999.

Can't see *server busy* getting any better. Anybody buddy w/ Greenspun?

-- Carlos (, November 03, 1999.

Since we're not going out to "celebrate", I'd be willing to mail in $5 to help lighten the load if it would help.

Or would a shared expense to expand the capacity here be seen as a "Y2K scam"?

-- Sara Nealy (, November 03, 1999.

We need to set up another "rollover forum"

Zero hour forum :o)

-- Brian (, November 03, 1999.

1) I doubt that I will be able to get a dial tone, let alone a line to my ISP. And then into here will be even worse!

2) How about using The Prep and Humpty-Dumpty forums as alternates?

-- Mad Monk (, November 03, 1999.

...what a way to spend new years eve - huddled around your computer waiting for the the world to end.. The ultimate definition of pathetic...

-- Y2K Pro (, November 03, 1999.

I, for one, will be monitoring police traffic, as I do most evenings as part of my job. I shall be monitoring my computer, short-wave radio, and television too, so that I can be aware of any Y2K (or other) problems if and when they arise. That also will be part of my job that night. Sweetie will most likely be on call.

I fervently hope there will be NO Y2K-related problems, so that I can go to bed around 0100 with a fat and happy smile on my face.

I was under the impression that this forum is just a small part of an MIT server's traffic and, with students and faculty on vacation, NYE might not be such a problem. Diane, can you find out?

-- Old Git (, November 03, 1999.

Based on past and present performance, Y2K Pro will be here, too.

-- Vic (, November 03, 1999.

Not a chance. For one thing, I have a life...

-- Y2K Pro (, November 03, 1999.

Old Git,

From what Phil's told me in the past, the MIT server we're hosted on is older and when the holidays hit, the maintainers tend to be a bit "less dedicated to their jobs."

The Moderators 'n Sysops, et. al. are discussing back-up strategies... like a hierachy of "if this isn't operational... try here first... then here... then... etc., etc."

Suggestions for alternate "free" forum structures in different parts of the country are welcome.

Once that's set, then we'll all figure out a global rollover monitoring strategy. If you have friends in different parts of the planet who would like to participate, you might mention the idea now.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 03, 1999.

P.S. If the White House can do it for $44 million then I guess we can figure out something with a $zero dollar investment.


(It's okay Y2KPro... we won't count on you... really... please DO to go "have a life" elsewhere).

-- Diane J. Squire (, November 03, 1999.

Well folks, you'll certainly be able to watch what happens as the clock rolls across the world. That should be a good indication of what's going to happen. INSO, hey?

-- Ya, like I'd give my full name... (Thinker@Think.tank), November 03, 1999.


I think you spend way too much time here to have a life. :)

-- Ya, like I'd give my real name (Thinker@think.tank), November 03, 1999.

Not gonna be here. I will probably sign off in late December right after Christmas if this is still here.

-- preparing (, November 03, 1999.

Good God, there are pathetic individuals that plan to spend the eve of a new millennium on a computer????

WOW you should really buy one more thing for your precious 'prep' pile.....a LIFE.

-- What Will You Do (when@nothing.happens?), November 03, 1999.

Just got 1 I have never seen before:


---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- You've encountered an error, probably a programming mistake on our part. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

-- BH (, November 03, 1999.

Don't know why I'm indulging the trolls, but:

I have had a lifetime of New Year's Eve celebrations - wonderful parties and great fun.

This year feels different to me. My instincts are to stay close to the nest with my family and close friends, and check in on events around the world as they unfold. We'll still toast the new year and the future, with hope and prayers for our world.

How could a bunch of boozy DGI's at a party attract anyone who is aware of the potential for havoc that this day signifies?

-- Sara Nealy (, November 03, 1999.

Ok, y2kpro, go to Timessquare and party if you want! Be SURE to wear LOTS of Jewlery and Carry WADS OF CASH on you! Then go to a dimly lit getto and scream racial slurs at passers-by! Enjoy the results! :)

-- Crono (, November 03, 1999.

Hey Pro,

I hear they are offering Space Shuttle flights over the New Year. Maybe you should sign up!

-- astro (leaveiton@the.ground), November 03, 1999.

Something about a tux, and champagne?

-- lisa (, November 03, 1999.

The poor Tinfoils, those of us who have a life and cannot contemplate sitting in front of a computer on new years ever are belittled. T'is to laugh...

p.s. Gee Crono, spending new years eve on Times square sounds just marginally less pathetic than sitting in front of your computer, hoping you've got a reason to use all those "preps".

-- Y2K Pro (, November 03, 1999.

What Will You Do,

You obviously haven't a clue because the millenium doesn't start until 01/01/2001... bonehead...

And Pro, you definitely have better things to do than hang around here... Why don't you hit Times Square for the rollover... that ought to be a hoot...

growlin' at the parrot...

The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, November 03, 1999.

No I got a better idea, Pro why don't you FLY somewhere for the rollover?



The Dog

-- Dog (Desert, November 03, 1999.

...I wouldn't do that my little pup - don't you know? Planes are gonna fall from the sky, the powers going off, booga, booga, its TEOTWAWKI. Snicker...

-- Y2K Pro (, November 03, 1999.

There are several mailing lists for y2k. There is one dedicated to posting information concerning the rollover. Cory has one at There is one at Freerepublic which gets vcry little use. The response time is quite good for most of them. A message posted will be distributed back to your email address within a minute or two.

-- Danny (, November 03, 1999.

Diane, your idea for creating a "tree" of forums and back-up sites is excellent. I was wondering: several newspaper discussion forums have been mentioned here lately. The ones I'm familiar with are pretty clunky -- low newsroom upgrade priority because they don't generate income -- but there must be at least a handful that offer some decent speed and usefulness that folks here know about. They might offer a fallback in case of extreme overloads or failures on the national sites come the rollover. Anyone have any suggestions?

-- Cash (, November 04, 1999.

From: Y2K, ` la Carte by Dancr (pic), near Monterey, California

The #TimeBomb2000 channel I've been holding for a month or so on Efnet IRC (Internet Relay Chat) would handle unlimited numbers of people. However, people couldn't expect to be as talkative as they are here because it would be only one "thread" and it would fly like crazy if there were very many people. One plus would be the immediacy. Everything is real time.

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), November 04, 1999.

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