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I have XingMPEG Encoder and Adaptec EZCD Creator 3.5 (not the deluxe)and a Miro DC30. What else do I need to burn a VCD? All I can find in the forum is a link to and the doesn't have anything on it except a picture. I guess all I need to do is convert the .mpg that the XingMPEG Encoder made into a .dat. THX for any help!

-- Brian Rauscher (, November 02, 1999


Adaptec EZCD 3.5 DELUXE has an extra option for making VCDs that the standard one does not. I got a copy of it and it even seems to convert .AVI to Mpeg1 for you. BUT it doesn't seem to support ATAPI CD-R drives and mine is (guess what) :(

Morality aside, there are lots of copies on the 'net.

-- m 815261 (, November 03, 1999.

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