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I went surfing the net looking for anything new concerning Y2k. Had not been to the Kentucky homepage for a while and thought I would look in. I was surprised to see a Personal Preparedness site that is fairly new. (updated Nov. 1) It might have beent here for a while but I had not come across it before.

Interesting reading between the lines. The first papragraph on the check list concerns "embedded chips" and computer controlled equipment. The mention of embedded chips was surprising.

Paragraph two starts off with "Stock supplies to last for several days" Included should be an "ample supply of prescription and nonprescription medications" that you regularly need. (I wonder why they are encouraging an ample supply for a three day storm)

Several paragraphs are the same yadayada.....and then they throw in this. "Be prepared to relocate to a shelter for warmth and protection" during a prolonged power outage or IF FOR ANY OTHER REASON LOCAL OFFICIALS REQUEST OR REQUIRE THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME. (What are they expecting to happen?)

I am sure other states are putting out the same message. We just need to read between the lines closely to what is really being said.

-- Linda A. (, November 02, 1999



The Washington D.C. book tells you to store all your Y2K preps in an "easy to carry" container or a backpack ... and also talks about possibility of relocating to "warming shelters".

-- Cheryl (, November 02, 1999.

"...Officials request or require that you leave your home."

Wow! It really says that? I'll tell you what, I'm not leaving my home unless they put a gun to my head. Time to pull the shades and be very quiet.

-- mar (, November 03, 1999.

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