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Airline Grounds New Year's Flights


Airline Grounds New Year's Flights - (EDITORS: NOTE RADIO STATION CALL LETTERS) -- (SEATTLE) -- Alaska Airlines, which is based in Seattle, is reportedly canceling flights this New Year's Eve. But the carrier says it's NOT because of any Y-Two-K problems. K-N-W-X radio reports that airline officials say they are grounding flights between nine P-M December 31st and nine A-M January first because they can't completely book those flights. The airline insists its planes are Y-Two-K compliant and will be operating on a normal schedule after nine the morning of New Year's Day.


Once again, not related to Y2k, just can get enough people.


(Sorry if this partially posted ealier).

-- hamster (, November 02, 1999


Right. This seems to be a world-wide problem...demand is VERY much down!

-- Mad Monk (, November 02, 1999.


Funny how demand is going down with the booming economy. And none of it is related to Y2k.

-- haha (, November 02, 1999.

Its well known that no one travels over the New Year's weekend. ;-)

we's all jus homebodies

-- Linda (, November 03, 1999.

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