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City Cancels First Night Celebration


City Cancels First Night Celebration - (DENVER) -- The city of Denver is canceling its "First Night Colorado" program on the last New Year's Eve of the millenium due to a lack of funds. Bill Michaels, the founder and producer of the alcohol-free celebration, says he had to cancel the event after eleven years because he was unable to convince enough corporate sponsors to donate the 100-to-200-thousand-dollars he needed. Organizers say the Y-Two-K five-K race in Washington Park will go on as scheduled.


This is the first time in ELEVEN YEARS that they had to cancel it.

-- hamster (, November 02, 1999


I heard there's going to be a massive kegger at Stapleton.

-- mr suds (mr@su.ds), November 03, 1999.

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