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With all of the discussions of late regarding the Y2k status of the oil & gas industry this is my focus for this week.

Today I purchased a used (almost new) moped for $300. Months back I picked up a couple of bikes for $20. each.

I hate to stock gasoline but I also have a generator so will get a few more gallons for the moped. It is 2 cycle so will need some oil to mix the fuel. BTW my daughter has a horse and the only fuel I need to stock is some extra oats and hay.

-- rb (, November 02, 1999


I have a BikeE and a B.O.B. YAK trailer.

While I was training for the Boston/NewYork ride last year I would do 100 miles on the BikeE on one day during each weekend and 80 miles on the other day. I could get off the BikeE after 100 miles and from the waist up I might as well have been sitting home watching TV.

I use the BOB YAK to fetch 60 lbs of cat food and litter. Last weekend I put a milk carton on it to raise the level above the rear wheel and carried 14 shipping pallets (on at a time) home to be used later in the fall for building compost bins.

I plan to have the BikeE+YAK loaded, in the hallway just inside my front door, with my 72 hour kit (which I will construct from the ultra light weight camping gear I have on order from after reading "Beyond Backpacking" by Ray Jardine

-- Dennis Law (, November 02, 1999.

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