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I Thought I would post this for those that are looking to buy a CB.I recieved a Wal-mart ad that has Uniden 2-pack hand-held CB radios,4 watts,40 channels and up to 5 mile range with emergency channel 19.The ad says it's a one time offer and I can see why,when you get 2 CB's for $57.74!

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 02, 1999


Think about getting them for Christmas gifts,that would cost about $28.00 per CB.I'm planning on sending them to family members and a friend for Christmas.Even if they have one already,they can keep the other one in the car in case of emergencies and also get info on road conditions.Just a thought.

-- Maggie (aaa@aaa.com), November 02, 1999.

I bough two of those CBs ( Uniden Pro 340xL ) Requires 16 AA batteries.I walked down the road aways from my house and it worked good.But went to the Bank yesterday and could'nt reach my Wife at home.1 Mile.Maybe I was doing something wrong.I found them in the Automotive department.Question.These Radios call for Alkaline Batterie 1.5 volts.I have a rechargable Nicad Batteries,1.2 volts.Could I use them in this Radio without ruining it? Advice would be much appriciated.

-- Dan Newsome (BOONSTAR1@webnet.tv), November 02, 1999.

Nicads will give lower voltage, hence lower output, unless the radio has a voltage regulator and is designed for them.

The problem with CB HTs is the antenna. It's impossible to have an efficient radiator at that wavelength and still have it be something you can hold in your hand. (Remember the old 108 inch bumper-mount antennas?)

A CB HT will give better range talking to a base station with a good antenna, but you'll still do better with a GMRS base and an FRS HT. The GMRS interstitial channels are limited to 5 watts (for a "small base station" as defined by the FCC) but with the UHF frequencies, the antenna on the HT will be *much* more efficient than a CB HT.

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), November 03, 1999.

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