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Here's a site with a "search-by-ingredient" feature. Just plug in what you have available in cans and the database will (we hope) cough up a recipe or two.

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999


Castleberry/Snow's/Bunker Hill (as in chili) recipe site:

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

Excepting vegetarians, no self-respecting doomer will want to be without the following (from Hormel):

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If link is a problem, cut off all after .NSF and follow links at site

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

Hormel recipe database:$$ViewTemplateDigitalRecipe?Op en

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

Pillsbury recipes, including Old El Paso, Progresso and Green Giant:

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

Del Monte recipes:

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

Mealtime Data Base

Castleberrys, Snow's and BunkerHill

Spam Recipe Book

Hormel Database


Del Monte

-- Lilly (, November 02, 1999.

The Spam Recipe Book and Hormel Database didn't link, so this is the home page for both.

-- Lilly (, November 02, 1999.

Thanks, Lily. Much tidier and easier!

-- Old Git (, November 02, 1999.

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