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I use Avermedia MPEG Encoder to make a VCD. The result can play well on any PC, but to many blockness when it play on several VCD player.

I got the bad result when I play on JVC VCD compo, also on Panasonic portable VCD player.

I got the good result when I play on Phillips portable player and serveral newer player (most of them made in China).

I try to analyze using Xing MPEG player. Most of commercial VCD video bitrate is lower than 140 KB/s, tipically 136 KB/s. The video bit rate created by Avermedia is 140 KB/s.

Is it a problem ?

I'am sure the problem is not a media (CD-R), because JVC and Panasonic can play well the film on the same CD-R that directly copy from comercial VCD.

-- A A Arman (, November 01, 1999


Finally I founnd the answer of my problem. I try to write to CD using WinOnCD (not Adaptec). Now, the VCD can be played on any VCD player .....

-- Arry A Arman (, November 11, 1999.

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