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What do you think I could do to make this site better? Do you like the guestbook?

-- Anonymous, November 01, 1999


hey hey ben. i like the message board idea, tre bien. i already sent you that html advice. i think you should strive towards one type of layout on your page. for example, mine is black with blue links and white font, and that's on ALL pages. you see? anyway, keep up the good w

-- Anonymous, November 02, 1999

yo this site is pretty cool. I just surfed in. Try posting whats new on your main page. use an assort ment of other things to enhancs this. it will help people go to your site more since yu don't have a lot. I guess this is kinda new or somthin. good so fa!

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1999

Boy ben, this site really sucks. You should take it of the internet before more people become dumber by going to it. It is so incredibly complicated on the message board page, I went to the bathroom four times before I could figure it out(know what I mean?) And by the way, pokemon isn't that bad, It's fun to play. Nobody at school has to know that you play either. It's a personal thing. I not embarrassed at all because i play it. And none of my friends are either. I liked to play against you, but I guess you're too cool for pokemon aren't you(Just Kidding Ben, You're not really cool, that was just constructive criticism) Oh, and by the way, lern Hough tooo spel.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1999

Yo Pokemon sucks it's for little kids and what are you talking about Ben's site sucking I dont even see your site. You need to calm down there you obeese pirate. If you wanna see a sucky site go to Todds

-- Anonymous, November 10, 1999

Your page sucks little polish boy. Ying Hih. Hilel Hitler!!!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 1999

Todd, you suck, trying to be hitler is just plain stupid. Anyway Ben I think that like Erik said you should watch your spelling a little more. You should also add some height and width properties to the pictures. And add some meta tags so search engines can find you.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 1999

ben, your page kicks ass. that eric guy should die, so should todd.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1999

Hey Todd being hitler is really stupid and worst of all you didnt even spell anything right. Anyway Ben you have a nice page especially with the little time you have to work on it. I suggest getting rid of the blinking words because that can really lag up a computer. Also get a new background at least make it black. And one last thing kill Todd. Your friend, Who Else P.S. Kill Todd

-- Anonymous, November 19, 1999

ben, get rid of that spinning world pic, it takes a MINUTE to load! also get rid of the blinking text, its really annoying.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 1999

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