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Hi, I am thinkining about buying the Pioneer DV-525P DVD player. I went to the website and it says I can play VCD and CD-R on it but if you personally have an experience with this device I would appreciate a quick feedback.


-- RJ Raouf (, November 01, 1999


Yes the 525 will play VCD and CD-R.

-- EMArtinez (, November 02, 1999.

Will it also display PAL encoded VCD's correctly without the black bar on top?

-- Wright (, November 05, 1999.

Wright: Black Bar? That's called letterbox, it's intentional. Due to the screen specs for PAL, you actually lose about 24 lines of the total picture when converting it to NTSC usually. (Most DVD players drop 12 lines at the top, and 12 lines at the bottom). But yes, the 525 will play and convert VCD on CD-r.... also check their website for a rebate right now! It' 'unadvertised'. :)


-- Steve (, November 11, 1999.

Steve: I know what letterboxing is. I have an RCA dvd player and any vcds that encoded in PAL drop the bottom lines, so that creates a black line on the top. Does the Pioneer show a full screen without a black bar on top?

-- Wright (, November 11, 1999.

Not to go around your answer that you are looking for, but I have a GE Model 1105P and I have several VCD's that are encoded in PAL. There is no loss of picture, it seems just like NTSC

-- Dustin (, December 26, 1999.

hey i've got a pioneer dv-525 plays vcd's real crappy. Sound and picture hardly play (very glitchy) i'm recording 2.0 compliant too.......can anyone help??

-- Scotty (, December 29, 1999.

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