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"will not book a seat on a new years eve flight"

"'The affluent seem to be engaged in a dialogue about Y2K'"

"getting some money out of the bank"

"the current bull market will end in the next two years"

-- ng (, November 01, 1999


Ah, The Robb Report: Magazine for the Luxury Lifestyle

Lovely cover for October 1999's "Annual Home Issue featuring 32 Pages of Spectacular Home Entertainment"

Last paragraph of that article:

...Given that 90 percent of the respondents made their money themselves, says [president of U.S. Trust Jeffrey Maurer], he's not surprised that so few seem to be bracing for any fallout from the imminent end of the bull.

"The affluent are remarkably optimistic at this point," he says, "and it's probably because the U.S. has allowed them to become affluent."

Not many are bracing for a crash, eh? Sounds like a pretty good way to end up going throgh the windshield...

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), November 01, 1999.

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