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When I try the USB connection it works for a second or two and then it "crashes" the camera (cant turn it off, little lines move around) the only way to turn it off it to take the batteries out. I am using the supplied cable, I tried both USB ports, have the latest firmware in the camera. Serial connection works fine but its too slow.

Any help would be appreciated,


-- Mariusz (, November 01, 1999


I think more information is needed here. First, Is this a PC or a MAC? Second, If it is a PC, how old is it? Third, what operating system? Windows 95? Windows 98? Windows NT? The reason for the questions. A lot of PC makers put out computers with USB ports before any standard came out. If you are running Windows 95, then this O/S does not fully support USB.

If this is a PC built within the last year or so, and you have Windows 98.... Do you have other USB devices and do they work fine? If yes to both, then I would have to say it s related to the camera or the cable itself If you can get your hands on another USB device, try it; at least to narrow down the list of possible problems. One last thing, if this is a MAC, I really do not have any answers for you. I hope some of this helps


-- David Erskine (, November 02, 1999.

Ok, so this is a year late. But here's the scoop. Kodak 240, great camera, however, acc. to K. it DOES NOT work with Intel USB chip set ending in "BAM", which is used by that obscure vendor known as "Dell". So Kodak, Dell, mainstream, WON't work together. However, Kodak support outstanding. Camera great. Sent me a free USB card reader. So there ya go. Yeah Kodak.

JM January 2001

-- John (, January 11, 2001.

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