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.... tough enough to hold a 600-pounder. I'd rather not get an entire trailer for it, if possible. Can I purchase this? Or does it need to be custom-built? I'm not trying to make something highly portable (!), just enough to slide around if I need to.

-- BigDog (, October 31, 1999


Just went to Costco and wondered about their carts there that customers use to push their tons of stuff around---maybe you could get a bead on who their supplier is.

-- John Q (, October 31, 1999.

Call Global Industrial equipment, 800-6-GLOBAL. Get their catalog. You'll be glad you did. Trust me.

-- Dennis (, October 31, 1999.

BD, Mine's no 600 pounder. Closer to 200, but I just built my own dolly with 3/4 inch plywood and caster wheels from Northern Supply. Works great on flat concrete. On mud, I have to build a portable highway with plywood.

The only trick I saw to using plywood was that I had to make a cutout strategically located to allow easy oil draining. Also, the wheels need to be tall enough to allow a oil drain pan to slide easily underneath. Finally, being on rubber wheels reinforces my perception of the need to properly ground the machine according to manufacturer's instructions.

-- Puddintame (, October 31, 1999.

P.S. I used conduit straps (C-Shaped) to bolt the metal generator frame to the plywood dolly.

-- Puddintame (, October 31, 1999.

Northern Equipment - furniture dolly with four casters. Sturdily built - heavy wood. Strapped the genny on it, using heavy-duty zip ties (planned to bolt it down, but doesn't need it) So easy to move the kids can handle it. Also can get to everything on the genny.

-- mom (, October 31, 1999.

PS - cost was about $25

-- mom (, October 31, 1999.

Great ideas -- thanks!

-- BigDog (, November 01, 1999.

How about this? If your genset has a frame, can you just attach some casters directly to the frame? Home Depot has them up to 600# capacity EACH. They can be bolted right on. Have two be fixed and two be rotatable and you can then steer the thing like a grocery cart.

-- Ken Seger (, November 01, 1999.


I've bought 4 rolling dollies from Lowe's, for the kind of thing you're doing: have steam generators, wood stoves, and other hvy equip to move around from time to time.

Specs: 900 lb cap, 3" rubber wheels, 30 1/2"x18 1/2"x5 3/4", item #74633, "Furniture Dolly," $24.95. If you haven't a Lowe's nearby get hold of importer: LG Sourcing, Inc., POB 1535 North Wilkesboro, NC 28659.


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, November 02, 1999.

LG Sourcing's customer svc # is: 800-444-6742


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, November 02, 1999.

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