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Does anyone know if there are smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf or hearing impaired? I would assume it would be a flashing strobe light type of device. I've never seen anything other than the siren, loud noise type. This is not for me personally, but I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.

-- Arlene Raynor (, October 31, 1999


Yes, There most certainly are smoke and CO detectors that can provide protection for the hearing impared. I install alarm systems for a living, and I have installed several such systems.

The detectors I use can activate strobes, bed shakers etc.

This equipment is not yet in the mass market, but it is available from alarm companies.

Although a cheap detector can be "modified" to activate aux. devices, I would not recommend such mods on life safety devices.

Check your yellow pages for a local alarm company.

-- Alarm Guy (Flashing Alarm@yourhouse.con), October 31, 1999.

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