What kind of lens is this?

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I have a lens that I picked up cheap on a whim and never used. It's a huge thing, by FUJI PHOTO OPTICAL CO. It is called a "FUJINON-ITV ZOOM lens. It's f1.8 and goes from 20 mm to 100 mm. The dimensions are 3 and1/8 inches (7.8 cm) diameter in the front. The diameter of the back lens is 14/16 of an inch(2.3cm). I suspect that it was made for a TV because of the "ITV" in the name. I wonder if it could be adapted for use with a Konica 35 mm? The back has fine threads about 1 and 9/16 inches (4 cm) in diameter. There is an adapter on this end that reduces the thread diameter down to 1 inch (2.5 cm) The lens is completely manual with no sort of control/linkage to a camera and measures almost 7 inches (17 cm) long. The f stop ring goes from 1.8 to 22. Everything works very smoothly (no feeling of dirt in the gears). Do you have any idea what this thing is? It seems to me that if it could be adapted fit on a Konica it would be a great lens for sporting events. Can you imagine the f1.8 at 100 mm!?! The thing is so big and heavy that camera would have to be attached to the lens and supported by the lens. There is no place to attach a support on the lens.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 1999


It's a TV lens, not a 35mm camera lens.

Never mind. It was been pointed out to me that this is a TV lens and can not be made to work with a 35mm camera. :=(

-- Anonymous, November 01, 1999

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