A thought on terrorism (Not about the plane crash, necessarily)

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I firmly believe that terrorists are looking at the Year 2000 as a strike date to do what they do best,... instill terror. Why this date is so important to Western culture is of course because of the Holy Bible, and the literal translation that this coming millenium is to be the time of the Judgement. A lot of people are already scared, and it's going to get worse.

Think of it this way. This BBS is public to anyone, yes even Osama Bin Laden himself (does that thought scare you?). And this forum is only perpetrating the fear that these terrorists are counting on in the next few months. Not intentially of course, or at least not intentially by most.

I think it would be prudent if everyone here tried to mellow out a bit about what is being posted, and think about how people are reacting internally to what they read around here. That means both foreign and domestic. You are only giving them the ammunition they need to make this New Years truly chaotic. It is very wise to be prepared, but you have to imagine that there IS an undeniable element of fear that permeates this forum. And again, (only in MHO) this is not only giving the would be terrorists the feeling they will be successful, but it motivates them to be even more destructive.

I think we need to at least appear that we are going into this new millennium courageously, and that we aren't going to take S*** from anybody who atacks American soil. Remember these people (terrorists) have been weaned on violence. They are like rabid dogs that will never surrender.

I think, in the words of the Outlaw Josey Wales, we need to go into this coming age with a certain attitude:

"You are going to have to get mean, and I mean plumb, mad dog mean".

It's time we show the forces that are waging a Jihad against us that we are alot tougher and tenacious then they think. Not fat, lazy Americans who watch Jerry Springer and live off welfare. They are serious, and I think it's time we got serious too. So let's combine our collective forces and present a Unified front.

-- (tedjennings@business.net), October 31, 1999


oh, I got yuh.

sort of like if u ignore it, it goes away.

i can do that.


-- ignore (them@terrorists.now), October 31, 1999.

No that is not what I meant at all.

-- (tedjennings@business.net), October 31, 1999.

I fear the unconstitutional threats against the American people by it's own government more than I fear Bin Ladin, who WE TRAINED to fight the Soviets over Afganastan. Likewise the fanatics who hit the World Trade Center: US intelligence connections, largely unreported in the media. We train these guys, then -suprise- their actions give our government carte blanche to do whatever the hell it wants at home and abroad. Yeah, they're SO out of control... Horns are painted on these former US government employees over and over in the media, like former asset Noriega. Remember? Then we knock down what we set up, clean and neat-like. Its fine if you can pick your battles; even better if you can CREATE your battles. Much more predictable.

Why DID the OK bombing have three signatures, or blast-centers? Why DIDN'T the flimsy back wall get blown out, seeing as how the pillars were neatly severed? Why did they bulldoze the scene like Waco, asap?

Can you spot the red queen, monkey-boy? Wanna play again?

Private Ryan

-- Private Ryan (Pfcryan@forkintheroad.com), November 01, 1999.

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