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We seem to have a pretty giving relationship with the Egyptian military. Maybe thats why the Edwards stopover.
Just a guess

Check out our overly generous relationship with Egypt here.
The first link outlines our historic military relationship with Egypt
Especially interesting is our "forgiving a $7.1 billion loan" for their (help??) during Desert Storm
Overall perspective on Egypt.

The next link shows historic arms purchases and giveaways to Egypt Historic Arms deals with Egypt
Note that "FMF" classification indicates free of charge

This State Dept. Report indicates that Egypt is rife with human rights abuses. Especially against women, and christians

And finally, this link show future arms puchases between US and Egypt., October 31, 1999


I'm leaving it to the pro's to find EgyptAir's website; that is where the official passenger list will first appear.

-- Rachel Gibson (, October 31, 1999.

Someday in the near future we will regret we ever gave a dime to Egypt. When they lead an Islamic war into Europe, the Western world will realize its folly. But with Bill Clinton at the helm, what do we expect. Reap what u sow................

-- fred (, October 31, 1999.

Rachel, try:

(Pro I may be, HTML-savvy I'm not...)

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), October 31, 1999.

Aw, come on, I did that before I posted. It led me to a very interesting link to an EPA site on which I got side-tracked for almost an hour! I'm not doing that again.

When Flight 111 went down I entered "" and was immediately at the site of the company in Switzerland, where news releases were posted in three languages and the passenger list soon appeared. Unfortunately, I don't know the country extension for Egypt. Once I learn that, it will be a bit easier to do some digging.

-- Rachel Gibson (, October 31, 1999.

I'm here,

I'm eating humble pie here. EgyptAir's website is at this location (the one that led me to EPA link was "") This site takes about ten minutes to download on some computers :( and it does not appear as though they have anything about the crash online yet. But they will have.


-- Rachel Gibson (, October 31, 1999.

No problem, Rachel. I just went out there, too, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. And after ten minutes, a beer, and a potty break, it DID eventually download. No passenger list yet, like you said -- but you CAN negotiate to buy three GE type CF6-50C2 engines, if you're so inclined...

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), October 31, 1999.

Hey Fred! Egypt has been the largest recipient of foreign aid for decades!!It was started under Nixon and expanded under Reagan/Bush. I know some of you rabid fanatics like to blame Clinton for everything from sunspots to post-nasal drip but the policy of drowning Egypt in foreign aid money was started when Clinton was still a school boy in don't suppose he was running the world even then???

-- fritz (, October 31, 1999.

I'm here,

The engines won't fit my bicycle, so I'll pass.

Returned to the sight for a second (and last) time--each page is as cumbersome as the home page. Will leave future browsing to those with the most recent state-of-the-art computer equipment and a cable connection. And patience.

Did visit their y2k page, though, and am pleased to see this airline is not only ready, they're compliant! 100%! Exactly how well-prepared this company is:


"EgyptAir Announces the Y2K Compliance

EgyptAir has announced that the Y2K program has been successfully completed. A 100% compliance has been achieved for all automated systems controlling the companys activities as well as for all equipment that may be affected by the millennium bug including aircraft systems and devices.

In spite of that, the company has prepared the contingency plans that can be executed to overcome any emergency situations; thus ensuring that all the companys operations are not affected. It is worth mentioning that the Y2K program in EgyptAir is not limited to the companys own activities. The program management plays an effective role in the IATA Y2K-Project, which aims at surveying and assessing the readiness of the air transport industry. EgyptAir has been selected to represent the Middle East & Africa regions in the IATA project steering committee (ESG) which consists of nine airline members representing the different regions of the world.

Besides, EgyptAir plays a major role, on both the national & regional levels to ensure the compliance of all air traffic services and airports."

They seem to have no concern for lawyers nor lawyers doing their writing.

Last, and definitely not least, EgyptAir has "67 years of nobility and loftiness."

-- Rachel Gibson (, October 31, 1999.

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