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Last winter I ordered a pound of low-sugar pectin, and what do you know, I used half of it up this summer. So, now I am about to order two pounds. The stuff I use does not require the vast amts of sugar that Certo does, which is great since I only have 80 lbs of sugar, and who know how long I will have to stretch it out. It comes with recipes for low-sugar jam/jelly, artificial sweetener, and "all-fruit" recipes with no sugar. The pectin is made by a small company up here in MA, Workstead Industries, PO Box 1083, Greenfield MA 01302 (which I suspect is a 1-2 person operation; they are very nice over the phone). Their tel. is (413) 772-6816; they call this the JAMLINE. One lb goes for about $30, which sounds like a lot but isn't if you compare it to the price on little pkgs from the store. The reason I used half of mine is that I make VAST quantities of jam! PS: product is called "Pomona's Universal Pectin", usually sold in health food and yuppie grocery stores.

-- judy (, October 31, 1999

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