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Hi there.

well I have a mpg file. i have mkisofs and cdrecord. I have heard that a vcd is burnt in xa mode 2 ? well so how do i take that mpg... and make it into a vcd? in short how do i create all those extra folders and stuff .?

thx.. Ari

-- arib0nd (, October 30, 1999


CD-Writing-HOWTO gives these URLs:

-- Mikko Tuumanen (, February 04, 2001.

You cant currently burn xa mode 2 with cdrecord...

You need: vcdtools and cdrdao.

BTW, vcdtools mkvcdfs is the BEST ive seen yet at making simple VCD's... IE, Makes actual chapters my Toshiba 6109 can skip to..

good luck.


-- Al (, February 05, 2001.

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