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Any seaworthy mates out there interested in teaming up on a 60' sailing vessel? The captain is interested in a Y2K-aware crew that just may be interested in bugging out with him. The boat is currently docked in SW Louisiana, USA.

What he needs at this point is a diesel (for port navigation only) mechanic and electrician. I also suggested to him the need for a skilled ham operator. Renewable power generation equipment and your own food a plus.

He is also in the process of remasting the boat. Is anyone aware of the boat-salvaging situation for used parts, perhaps where the recent hurricane activity struck?

Email me personally if interested. PGP Key(s) and Anonymous Sender here.

-- Zach Anderson (, October 30, 1999


You'll also need a deck gun and good gunner for the pirates.


-- dave (, October 30, 1999.

Zach Most of us sailors probably will not want to be sailing on a 60' vessel with a "used" mast. Sounds like the financial situation might be a little thin, not the best way to start any kind of voyage, especially if one might have to go "blue water" for a few months.

Good luck.

-- Popeye (, October 30, 1999.

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