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I couldn't find canning lids anywhere up here in Southern Oregon. Canning lids definitely are a seasonal item and they've taken them off the shelves.

If anyone has any concerns about "just-in-time" inventory and supply chain (which I do) ... ORDER EXTRA CANNING JAR LIDS NOW!!

I didn't think about this until this until just a few days ago. I'm new at canning, and didn't can much this year - but learned how - and have friends nearby who are experts. As a result of my being a "canning newbie" ... I have lots of jars ... but only had enough lids for what I was canning this year.

When I went to the stores yesterday ... I was out-of-luck.

Here's the URL for a source to order off the net:

Foodcrafters Supply Catalog

-- Cheryl (, October 30, 1999


Tons of canning lids at the local Wally World--they were even on sale last week!

Hmmmm, Southern Oregon.... Try the Wally World in Talent. It's a biggie, and I'll bet they still have bunches.

Can some extra pears for the rest of us!! I don't miss much about Southern Oregon--just the wonderful pears and the Shakespeare!

-- Cath (, October 30, 1999.

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