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COOPERATIVE PREPS : Working together to get the best deal on gear you might need for Y2K

The first order on tall, aluminum Aladdin table lamps is working out. I have shipped out about 6 of these kerosene table lamps and spare parts and will be shipping out the rest of lamps and parts as soon as they arrive. A second order may be forthcoming, so email me if you want in on this. Those interested only in spare parts for their Aladdins should also let me know what they are looking for (lox on mantles, lox on chimneys, wicks, etc.).

I have received some interest in Katadyn water filers and in additional elements for Katadyn water filters. If you are interested in the prices, let me know. I am not permitted to publish the prices of the Katadyns on a public forum. Check out the thread on Katadyns for more information:

Jeff Sandfort is working on a cooperative order for zippo and windmill torch lighters. You should contact him if you have any interest in these lighters: . For more information, check out the thread on this cooperative order in the TB2000 preparation discussion forum:

Stan Faryna

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-- Stan Faryna (, October 30, 1999

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