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Tomorrow's Electronic Telegraph:

Japanese alert on Millennium bug By Juliet Hindell in Tokyo

JAPANESE have been told to stock up on emergency supplies for the end of the year to counter the possible effects of the Millennium bug.

From today, Japanese newspapers, television and radio will carry a government statement advising the public on how to prepare for the Millennium. The advice includes stocking up on two or three days' supply of water and non-perishable food, first-aid boxes, torches, radios and batteries.

Major disruptions to food, water, electricity and gas supplies are possible over the New Year. Officials have also admitted that work to check computers in hospitals is behind schedule. The government suggests that people should also get copies of their bank statements and keep receipts in case financial institutions' computers crash.

The government says it expects "no serious impact" on everyday life as a result of the Millenium bug but adds: "It is important for everyone in the country to be prepared in the event that problems do arise, including the kind of minor difficulties that we all experience from time to time in our everyday life." In a speech to parliament, Keizo Obuchi, the Prime Minister, said: "As a result of the efforts of the government and private sector thus far, I do not think there will be any major confusion."

A Lufthansa airliner with 120 journalists and company's troubleshooters aboard flew through a simulated year 2000 barrier yesterday and survived. For the test, the jet's computer systems were set to 11:30pm on Dec 31 this year. The Airbus then took off from the Frankfurt airport. Journalists said the only disruptions as the computer hit midnight were a cheer and a pop from a champagne bottle.

-- Old Git (, October 29, 1999


Jpanes is, of course, the accepted abbreviation for Japanese (VBG).

-- Old Git (, October 30, 1999.

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