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Only "Pro-Clinton" Witnesses Called by Sen. Warner Second-hand information exactly confirms Virginia Taxpayers Association prediction almost 3 weeks ago (see release following) that Sen. John Warner's (R-VA) Armed Services Committee hearings on Panama Canal security after U. S. relinquishes Canal Zone authority Dec. 31 will be rigged to minimize threat of Chinese People's Liberation Army takeover of canal. The Hearing, reportedly scheduled for Friday, Oct. 22, will be almost totally dominated by pro-Clinton witnesses in person: a high State Department official, commanding general of SouthCom, chairman of Panama Canal Commission, Panamanian member of commission, and only one American concerned about keeping an active U. S. military relationship with the canal: Caspar Weinberger. Most authoritative persons equipped to testify on U. S. side -- Admiral Thomas Moorer (Ret.), former chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, who spoke at recent Washington press conference on subject, and Capt. G. Russell Evans (Ret.), author of two nationally recognized books on unlawful canal giveaway, will reportedly not be allowed to speak, nor will Richard Delgaudio of Center for National Security or Bruce Fein, but will be restricted to written comments only, although they asked to speak.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), who recently visited Panama, reported 70 to 80 percent of populace would like continuing U. S. military presence in Panama, but official position of new Panamanian government, headed by President Mireya Moscoso, who is scheduled for a formal diplomatic "love fest" session with President Clinton tomorrow, Tuesday (AP dispatch 10-15-99), is that "everything is fine as it is", despite heavy Chinese activity. Kenneth White, President

Virginia Taxpayers Association KWhite9472@aol.com VIRGINIA TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION P. O. BOX 663 LYNCHBURG, VA 24505 - 25 years in the cause of freedom -

TAXPAYERS SEE WARNER 'RIGGING' PANAMA HEARINGS The Virginia Taxpayers Association charged today that Sen. John Warner's Armed Services Committee hearings on Panama Canal security, scheduled for early in October, "will be rigged to minimize widespread serious concerns that the Chinese People's Liberation Army will effectively get control of the canal after Dec. 31, when the U. S. turns over Canal Zone authority to Panama." Hearings by Warner's committee were requested by Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott in a letter Sept. 24. The VTA pointed out that "the fact Warner as chairman did not himself initiate hearings by his own committee shows, in addition to his disgraceful lack of expressed concern over Panama, that he never wanted the hearings in the first place. So naturally, committee recommendations after the hearing won't include any change in present Clinton administration policy, dangerously allowing Chinese military elements to take control in Panama." Reason for questions about Chinese control is that the Panamanian government has awarded a contract to Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., a Hong Kong firm allied with the PLA, for operation of eastern and western ports of the canal. This includes the right to hire all canal pilots, "who could conveniently be made unavailable for escorting American merchant and naval ships through the waterway at any time," the VTA said. In addition it has been reported up to 200,000 Chinese already are ashore in Panama working on various construction projects. Meanwhile all U. S. military bases there are being abandoned, in accordance with 1978 treaties signed by President Jimmy Carter and Panama dictator Omar Torrijos. "Clearly the situation in Panama is potentially explosive," the VTA said. "Unless we have new U. S. negotiations with the present government of that nation to insure security of the canal in the future, we could shortly be confronted with another seriously threatening 'world hot spot'. But 'New World Order' Warner, who helped get us into the Kosovo mess, and who has cooperated with Clinton far too often, isn't going to lift a finger to prevent such a disaster."

I realise that most will not see Y2K as a Potential for starting a World War. I maintain that IF a war were to be started. Y2K will provide the best opportunity for years to come.

Just an added thought.. Our carrier fleets are sure going to be widespread for Y2K With a contingent of 85 fighter aircraft and Sea Stryker Tomahawks, it sure would be nice to have a few more around here..just in case

Kitty Hawk Sea of Japan Constellation Pacific Ocean Enterprise O.O.C. Kennedy Persian Gulf Nimitz O.O.C. Eisenhower Atlantic Ocean Vinson O.O.C. Roosevelt Norfolk, Va. Lincoln Pacific Ocean Washington Atlantic Ocean Stennis Persian Gulf Truman Persian Gulf

Why so many in the Gulf?

-- Rainman (rainman@uh-oh.com), October 29, 1999

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